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Mar 22, 2009 04:51 PM

Best Milkshakes in Santa Monica

I have lived in Santa Monica for some time now and have not found a good milkshake yet, though to be honest I have only been to a couple of places. What is everyone's favorite milkshake in Santa Monica/Venice? I would love to "follow up" on your research help!

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  1. I like the ones from the counter! :) They have special ones and their apple pie on the regular menu is also a reason to go there! :DD


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    1. re: Dommy

      I just looked at the menu from The Counter and I saw that they make a peanut butter shake! Have you tried it? I have been looking for a good peanut butter shake.

      1. the counter chocolate malt. the best.

        1. The Counter! I had a choc milkshake today. Tastes like homemade whipped cream on top, too. I make a very good one, too, and you're welcome to try mine!! My husband said that mine and the one at the Counter were very close....

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          1. re: Bite Me

            fwiw, today they were serving a caramel/coffee malt that looked fantastic.
            (too bad my daughter will only order vanilla--always top quality).

            1. re: westsidegal

              caramel / coffee sounds fantastic!!! I am like your daughter - a traditionalist!

          2. A caramel malt (malt, not shake -- though shake is good too) made with chocolate ice cream, from the DQ on Pico at about 16th -- where Sta. Monica College is.

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              If you are talking about the drive-in on the south side of the street, that is a Foster Freeze, not a DQ. For soft-serve, they do make pretty good malts.

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                I did, of course, mean Foster Freeze.