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Best Milkshakes in Santa Monica

I have lived in Santa Monica for some time now and have not found a good milkshake yet, though to be honest I have only been to a couple of places. What is everyone's favorite milkshake in Santa Monica/Venice? I would love to "follow up" on your research help!

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  1. I like the ones from the counter! :) They have special ones and their apple pie on the regular menu is also a reason to go there! :DD


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      I just looked at the menu from The Counter and I saw that they make a peanut butter shake! Have you tried it? I have been looking for a good peanut butter shake.

      1. the counter chocolate malt. the best.

        1. The Counter! I had a choc milkshake today. Tastes like homemade whipped cream on top, too. I make a very good one, too, and you're welcome to try mine!! My husband said that mine and the one at the Counter were very close....

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            fwiw, today they were serving a caramel/coffee malt that looked fantastic.
            (too bad my daughter will only order vanilla--always top quality).

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              caramel / coffee sounds fantastic!!! I am like your daughter - a traditionalist!

          2. A caramel malt (malt, not shake -- though shake is good too) made with chocolate ice cream, from the DQ on Pico at about 16th -- where Sta. Monica College is.

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              If you are talking about the drive-in on the south side of the street, that is a Foster Freeze, not a DQ. For soft-serve, they do make pretty good malts.

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                I did, of course, mean Foster Freeze.

            2. Cafe 50's but its more towards the 405 freeway on Santa Monica.

              1. I actually like the neopolitan shake( secret menu ) well not so secret from In and Out Burgers..

                1. Have to say that I love Counter as well. Good old chocolate and apple pie are my favorite. I really want to try the current shake of teh month tho...anybody tried it yet?

                  1. Black and White shake at Swingers. It tickles my mouth unlike any other food or beverage.

                    1. Can someone tell me where The Counter is? I am coming to LA tomorrow from New York and all your posts are making me hungry! Thank you..Pammi

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                        2901 Ocean Park Blvd Ste 102, Santa Monica, CA 90405

                      2. I only had a sip, but I keep meaning to go back to Swingers for one of their milkshakes. That one sip was memorable. It was the peanut butter and banana shake. Yummm.