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Mar 22, 2009 04:50 PM

Asian Market-Where?

The Asian market on Rolling road has disappeared. Where has it relocated. I recall that it went to Baltimore National Pike (according to an earlier posting). Can someone provide specifics? Do they just offer food, or more like a market with other offerings (compare to the Pennsylvania Dutch Market in Cockeysville, where they offer other then food items). FoiGras

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  1. Not sure which Asian Market you were referring to on Rolling Rd.

    AA Supermarket, a Chinese supermarket, on Security Blvd just inside 695 was supposed to be closing according to others on this board. There is a new Asian market at 5510 Baltimore National Pike called, creatively, Asia Supermarket. Phone is 410-788-0398 according to my register receipt. Apparently they have some sort of frequent customer program where if you give them all your pertinent info, they will put you in the computer and you'll get a 5% discount next time you go in. I found them to have less selection than AA used to have, at slightly higher prices, but still overall it was a good Chinese market alternative to Korean-owned H-Mart and Lotte. Pretty good produce section, decent non-perishable grocery section, and ok meats and seafood. I liked AA better but if indeed AA is no longer, I'll probably still be able to find what I'm looking for at Asia Supermarket.

    Asia Supermarket, like AA Supermarket, does appear to have roast ducks and roast pork for sale inside at the prepared food counter.

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        H Mart is still located on Rolling Rd. and Rt. 40

        The original poster may be talking about the Asian Market that was connected to Security Mall maybe???

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          I was referring to the market on Rolling Road at Route 40--across from the Giant. FoiGras

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            I don't think the H Mart on Rolling Road has closed. H Mart's Web site lists the store, and I just talked to someone there who said they're open on Rolling Road in Catonsville. The guy had a strong accent, but I don't think there was any confusion.

            This is the H Mart Web site:

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              I was there Sunday evening and went to the Giant last night and it was definitely still open. They changed their name to H Mart recently, so maybe that could be the issue?

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                FoiGras -- Did you ever figure out which market closed?

                1. re: HowChowBlog

                  I'm guessing that abovethewaves was correct. There was a Grand Mart off Rolling Road and Security in the Security Square mall that closed a while back. I miss it -- they had the nicest selection of hot sauces of anywhere I've seen -- even the Latin markets.

          2. I am pretty sure H mart is still open, although I have been frequenting Fresh World/el Mercado Grande in Glen Burnie (Southdale Shop. Ctr. at Mountain Rd and Ritchie Hwy.) since it opened last fall.

            Fresh World/EMG, IMHO is nicer than H Mart. Produce and meats are equal to or a bit better, in quality and price. H mart maybe has small edge on fresh seafood dept. Plus- a much wider selection of US groceries @ FW/EMG. (When shopping at H mart, I found, I also had to go to Giant to get all my list -- FW/EGM has just about anything I need. I have not been to the Giant in months!) Overall FW/EGM is cleaner (newer) and a better shopping experience - wide aisles, quick checkout, better parking, ect.

            FW/EMG also has a little restaurant inside that is very good and cheap. Sushi and great Korean dishes.

            Anyway you look at it --- I am averaging spending $50-60 less at FW/EMG per week than at Giant or Safeway! Worth every penny of the 25 min drive to get there.