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Mar 22, 2009 04:46 PM

Dolce Monachelli's delicious bundt cake

We have discovered the most delicious bundt cake. Lately there's been a stand at the Palos Verdes farmer's market for Dolce Monachelli. The Monachelli's are a husband and wife baking team that are based in Orange County but apparently come up to PV farmer's market Sunday mornings. I'm not sure if they come to other farmer's markets, but they do ship. They sell larger sized bundt cakes as well, but at the farmer's market they are mostly selling small (3"?) bundt cakes for $3. These little cakes are soooo good, way better than fancy cupcakes that are similarly priced. Our favorite flavor by far is italian butter is really moist and rich. The carrot cake and chocolate kahlua flavors were also good. The chocolate decadence flavor is nothing special, regular devil's food seems like the cake really needs the liquor or carrots to make it moist and rich, so we'll stick with those kinds of flavors. I picked up a business card this morning: you can check out their website at or give them a call at 714-850-1469 if you want to make an order or figure out where else they might be aside from the PV farmer's market.

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  1. Agree. A bit, hm, buttery (use napkins) but delicious. They are at Irvine CFM Saturday mornings 0800-1200.

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      Yeah, the italian butter rum flavor in particular is butter overload but I am too happy to care! :) Glad to hear that you enjoy them too. I hadn't heard anyone else mention them, so I thought a chowhound shout-out was in order.

    2. Have not tried them, sound great. However if you like bundt, you should also check out Kiss My Bundt in LA. I live around the corner from the bakery and have developed a serious addiction. They've perfected the balance between fluffy and moist.

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        Thanks for the rec! I will try them next time I am in that part of town.

      2. My daughter and I were at the Huntington Beach street Fair/Farmers Market last night and were offered samples from the Dolce booth.....sooooo sooooo yummy!
        We had to buy several small bundt cakes and loved them all. We will be going back next week to try other ones. They are the perfect size to share and perfect price to enjoy different flavors.
        I wish they had info on thier websites of the different farmers markets or street fairs they attend.

        1. The cakes are also sold at the Laguna Niguel farmers' market on Sundays (9:00-1:00). We have been buying the cakes for a couple of years now. Have to agree that the Italian Butter Rum is the stand out.

          1. OMG, Dolce Monachelli's Italian Butter Rum is the best dessert I have ever tasted. I'm not a foodie, but I love good food. If you haven't tried it, please please will love it! It's so moist! I've tried the trendy cupcake bakeries, and it's always dried and there's always too much frosting :( If you're looking to impress guests or your boss, bring this cake to the party!!!!