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Mar 22, 2009 04:03 PM

Cheap Eats Williamsburg

Looking for a very inexpensive dinner in Williamsburg. Ideally something Latin American, or Pan-Asian. Recently moved to the neighberhood, not sure in which direction to look.

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  1. There's a new Argentine place on Driggs and N7th. It is awesome. It's also BYOB, so you can save a lot in that dept. Also, a super cheap cute place is Snackie on Grand btwn Bedford and Driggs (asian snacks, noodles, dumplings etc).

    I haven't tried it yet, but here is a taco cart on Bedford and Metropolitan that everyone is raving about these days. $2.50 tacos.

    1. Nha Toi (I may not be getting the name exactly right) is a new banh mi/vietnamese spring roll place on Havemeyer and N2. Prices are between $3 and $6 for rolls and sandwiches. I just went today for the first time and had the seared tofu spring roll, which was delicious, and the pickled vegetable roll, which was intense. Even though I don't eat meat, the pork sandwich/roll sounded awesome; it involves toasted rice powder. These are the non-fried spring rolls, by the way -- with a thin rice paper wrapper.

      There's also a new arepa place next door (it's called arepa arepa) which i haven't tried, but looks as though it might be worth investigating. caracas arepa bar on grand between roebling and havemeyer is also pretty good, and moderately priced.

      Also, the argentine place malibu mentions is called el almacen, and i second the recommendation. and that taco truck on bedford & metropolitan rocks.

      1. La Superior is excellent BYOB mexican on Berry at South 2....

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          La Superior doesn't do BYOB anymore, nor do they sell booze.

            1. re: janethepain

              Pain in the Jane: Do you think Superior has any standout items? I was going to make the trip because of favorable chatter, but I have no idea what I am getting myself into.

              1. re: NYJewboy

                I'm not painjane, but I think their gorditas are really delicious as is any of the pork tacos. However, the service and attitude are horrible. Expect all items to come out of the kitchen at different times (ie: taco's before guacamole etc etc) and to be treated poorly. I usually get takeout because I cannot stand the bearded guy who works there. Ironically, whoever answers the phone at night is really nice and effective. Good luck!

                1. re: malibu

                  haha! the bearded guy served us too. I thought he was pleasant enough as a waiter, but he never came by to refill our water glasses (which we downed immediately upon receipt). And we felt no remorse in docking $1 from his tip to pay for a strange $1 tacked on to our bill.

                  I wrote a brief summary of my meal there on another recent thread on La Superior. Basically, I was almost insulted by the tiny size of the tacos, had some logistical problems with the salsa sampler and had one terrible salsa.

                  If you want tacos, there is absolutely no reason to bother with this place. Take the train to Jackson Hts to Taqueria Coatzingo or any other place and get much better flavored and sized tacos at a lower price. You don't have to pay for shotglasses of salsa there, either.

                  1. re: janethepain

                    the small tacos are probably an attempt to be "LA style", which nobody in NY seems to do. NY tacos are huge things with lettuce and tomatoes and beans and who knows what else on them. LA style is just meat with cilantro and onions, with tiny tortillas. Of course they're supposed to be 50 cents at that size. I like all tacos, so long as they're delicious.

        2. Honestly I am a big fan of Sea for those nights where I just want a decent dinner at a very cheap price.
          Plus I still find the d├ęcor borderline charming.