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Mar 22, 2009 04:03 PM

Specific Buenos Aires question

I've read many of the BA posts and have a specific request. I'm looking for one dinner at a restaurant that might be called trendy or has a definite buzz going on. I'm sure we'll be eating at mostly non trendy places but I always like to have one nicer dinner out and willing to pay some extra money. Was thinking about Olsen but that might be too over the top and $$ (altho I *am* party Swedish). I saw a rec for La Cabana which seemed kind of nicer, any thoughts? Is Spettus nice being on the water or more family oriented? Elles or Casa Cruz? Maybe something Italian? Also read something good about Club del Vino but I think that might be closed.

Has anyone been to Mundo Bizarro cocktail lounge? Any other fun bars in the rock vein? And one place for a must go nicer swanky cocktail? We leave April 8 for a week, thanks in advance.

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  1. We just came back from BA, and had awesome meals. I think in terms of trendy (at least in terms of design) I really liked Standard. It is a lovely looking space, mid century modern, small, maybe a bit "bright" for some but I actually thought the lighting was perfect for me, full of locals and I had a wonderful meal. Price point was good (but we didn't find any restaurants in BA that wasn't a great deal compared to Boston). I am not so into "trendy" eateries so maybe this doesn't entirely fit the bill but I always enjoy your Boston posts, Joanie and happy to put my two cents in! Have a great time.

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      Thanks missduke, Standard looks cool as does Mott. They got great reviews here:

      Do any natives have thoughts on these places or Olsen and the ones mentioned in the original post? Or Thymus which sounded good. Looking for Argentinian with a twist or just freshly prepared continental food in a cool atmosphere. Should we make reservations, it's only 2 weeks away.

      Also still wondering where to get a nice cocktail in a classic Buenos Aires place, an old hotel or something? Thanks.

    2. Hi Joanie,
      I am a "porteña" who lives in the UK but have recently spent almost a year back in Buenos Aires. I have to confess that I avoid trendy places like the plague but I know people who love them and I've read a lot about some of them. I think that either for the Bistro or the Poolbar, one of the trendiest places right now is Faena Hotel + Universe in Puerto Madero. Here's the link:

      For cocktails, you can check the Alvear Palace Hotel, a stunning classic building in the heart of Recoleta (their restaurants, La Bourgogne and L'Orangerie are also highly rated):

      One of the trendiest, funkiest bars in BA is the Soul Café where they usually have rock gigs and good sushi and it's in 'Las Cañitas' neighbourhood: (Soul Cafe


      I would seriously recommend you visit Milion: a beautiful old building on three levels with a garden, lounge bar and restaurant. They serve tapas and great cocktails:

      On a more traditional note, Confitería Ideal is one of the 'must see' places in BA. You can have afternoon tea or evening drinks whilst watching/taking a tango lesson with the pros:

      Hope this helps!

      Saludos and have a wonderful time! (don't miss La Cabrera for the best steak ever!)

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        Someone else mentioned Faena to me which looks almost too over the top and nouveau riche. But it sounds like it's a nicely designed building so maybe. I think the Alvear might be more what I'm looking for which I had on my list along with maybe Hotel Emperador, Esplendor de Buenos Aires and the Claridge. Do they have a nice old school feel?

        I definitely will go to La Cabrera but they don't take reservations, right? Is there a good time to go there? Would Olsen, Mott and Standard need reservations I assume? Does everyone eat wicked late? Thanks again.

        1. re: Joanie

          If you want trendy and good, and do not mind paying a bit, I would actually recommend Osaka It is a Nobu - like restaurant, a mix of Peruvian and Japanese food. It is located in Palermo, the place is really nice and the food is fantastic. YOu need to make reservations a few days before. I don't really recommend Olsen, I haven't been there in about a year, but the past few times I went I was quite disappointed. It is definitely trendy, but the food is not great. Thymus is good, but if you can do try Osaka. For drinks, definitely go to Million, another great place is 878 (on Thames 878 in Palermo) - no sign outside but a great bar inside, and try Gran Bar Danzon - a great wine selection. Faena is nice to visit, crazy decorations by Philipe Starck, but definitely over the top. Alvear is kind of like the Waldorf Astoria, ultra luxurious old world, a bit over the top too.

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            Thank you so much. I like Japanese food but it's not what I'm looking. I appreciate the thoughts on Thymus and the bars. Had most on my list except 878 and Gran Bar. Any thoughts on Mott and Standard? I'm only here thru Tues. so this last minute post is great.

            1. re: Joanie

              Never been to Mott. Standard is ok, it does serve typical Argentine food done up, so it may be a good option to try traditional dishes. You can look up restaurants in a local guide - if you speak Spanish.

      2. Hey Joanie, I follow you on the Boston board and we have similar tastes. I"ll be in BA April 17th, for two weeks, with some side trips in between. Looking forward to seeing your report/thoughts before I leave - have fun!

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          Shoot, just got back yesterday and won't write it up for a while. Maybe you'll see this quickie before you leave. La Cabrera was a lot of fun altho I wasn't blown away like everyone else. One of the best things I ate was a grilled sausage sandwich from a woman on the street off the main drag in the La Boca strip. Excellent coffee gelato at Un Alto Volta or something like that. Nice $$$ drink at the Faeno Hotel, god what a place. Awesome spinach au gratin side dish at the restaurant across from Standard (which was okay), nicer parillo. Drink at Olsen was fun. That's about it off the top of my head, have fun. Super friendly people.

        2. Hope you enjoyed your stay in Argentina, please share ar with us what you finally did, I'm hitting buenos aires on March 2010. I classmate told me that Casa Cruz is a great plase to eat. Did you finally go there? I am planning to stay at they have good reviews and seem to be well located. It's in recoleta I think it's near Faena, did you visit it?
          Please any advise would be great!

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          1. re: mcox83

            My trip report is here including a link to the chowhound report.


            We did like the famous steak place. I'm not sure I was as wowed by the food as others but had a great time. You can email if you have a question that I can help with, as a one time visitor.