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Mar 22, 2009 03:44 PM

New restaurant next to Juanita Juanita in Sonoma

We were zipping back to Marin this afternoon after lunch in Sonoma and I noticed that a new deli had opened in the building next to Juanita Juanita on Arnold Dr. The place used to be, as I recall, (something) & Eichelbaum, which was kind of odd but I liked the food. I couldn't quite read the name of the new place, but it started with a P. Has anyone been there? Sorry I'm not being more specific. Thanks!

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  1. Picazo Deli opened last month.

    Picazo Deli
    19100 Arnold Dr, Sonoma, CA

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    1. re: Melanie Wong

      Is Juanita Juanita a tribute to Juanita Musson, and was that "Eichelbaum" as in Stanley?

      1. re: Xiao Yang

        My recollection is that Juanita Juanita is an homage to the grand dame. I think it used to say something about her on its website, but the current version is under construction and has been for a few years now.

        Here's the update on Ms. Musson, living nearby in Agua Caliente.

        No, the correct spelling is Eichenbaum. But of course, I always think of Stanley Eichelbaum.

    2. I live in the neighborhood, and used to stop at Follini & Eichenbaum regularly for coffee, and maybe a sandwich or cup of soup or salad, their quality was high on all these items, but I think a little expensive for the locals and too off the beaten track for the tourists.

      Stopped at the new Picazo the other week (soon after opening) for lunch. Nice family-run cafe, nothing destination worthy. Had a cup of broccoli soup that actually was a bowl, chockablock with large chunks of broccoli, obviously house-made. Made it impossible to eat the Reuben sandwich, but it kept pretty well for lunch the next day. Husband had a Cajun turkey sandwich which he liked and house-made potato salad which he loved (but, he loves most potato salads, to be honest). Meats are advertised to be Boars Head, which, imo is fine but not exciting. Lunch came to about $20. Haven't tried the coffee drinks, but for commuters they are opening at 5:00 am, so they will probably get a loyal following if the coffee is at all acceptable.

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      1. re: dkenworthy

        Thank. The family looked nice in the photo in Melanie's link. However the mention of Boar's Head cold cuts and Peerless coffee wasn't putting it high on my list. I was still curious though what else they might have on the menu. Homemade soup sounds good.

        Picazo Deli
        19100 Arnold Dr, Sonoma, CA