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Mar 22, 2009 03:38 PM

Peri Peri Sauce - Calgary

Hi I recently ate at Nando's Chicken in the N.W. and would like to know if there is anywhere closer to my area (S.W.) where I could purchase an already made Peri Peri Sauce. I would try to make it myself, but I am a bit of a lazy chef :) Thanks!

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  1. Can you let me know where the location of Nando's is in the NW? I tried to search for it on the web and all I could come up with is the one in the NE on 32rd Ave near Sunridge. Thanks!

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        Oops sorry, I did make a boo boo. There is only one Nando's in Calgary: the one in the NE by Sunridge.

    1. President's Choice makes a piri piri sauce, available at Superstore. Seems to review reasonably well

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        I'm no Piri Piri expert but the PC version Memories of Portugal is a fave in our house.

      2. nandos makes a peri peri hot sauce that i buy at sobeys .my favorite so far

        1. They sell their jarred Peri Peri Sauce at Nando's. It is right behind the cashier. It is much better in the restraubt though because I was told they make it and the garlic sauce fresh every couple of days.

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            some like it hot - they have a shop just south of mcknight, just west of deerfoot, exit on mcknight east, take the first south turn, and follow around to a street that faces the 'foot. in a strip mall, is where they make the sauce, many varieties, and excellent people, i have been buying from him for years. also sells his product at crossroads market

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              Ah! good to see where I can get this stuff- they were briefly at Eau Claire and we've had Hatari peri peri in the cupboard for years, but I hadn't seen it on shelves anywhere.

          2. I was looking through the Nando's website (under the retail section, there's an "available @" link and came across a list of all the stores in a given city which carries their products. I haven't gone to verify what exactly they carry (whether it's the mariandes, peri-peri or cooking sauces) ... but you can give it a shot... here's the list for calgary:

            Nando's Calgary
            3333 32nd Ave. NE

            CALGARY CO-OP #010
            8220 CENTRE ST N.E.

            CALGARY CO-OP #1
            123 - 11TH AVE S.E.

            CALGARY CO-OP #13
            35 CROWFOOT WAY N.W.

            CALGARY CO-OP #14
            100-250 SHAWVILLE BLVD SE

            CALGARY CO-OP #16
            #500-6520 Falconridge Blvd NE

            CALGARY CO-OP #5
            3330 - 17TH AVE S.E.

            CALGARY CO-OP #8
            2580 SOUTHLAND DRIVE SW

            CALGARY CO-OP #9
            2520 - 52ND ST N.E.

            100 - 2335-162 AVENUE SW

            SOBEYS TUSCANY
            2020 11300 TUSCANNY BLVD NW

            200-1851 SIROCCO DR. SW

            803 - 49TH AVE S.W.

            14939 DEER RIDGE DR. SE

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              Actually, you may not have to go to the places on the above list. I found Nando's peri peri at 2 Sobeys locations that weren't on the list (one was Royal Oak in NW and the other was the Sobeys next to Nando's in the NE). So I'm guessing that maybe all Sobeys in Calgary carries it. Both Sobeys I went to carries the garlic peri peri and the hot peri peri. They also carry the full line of cooking sauces. However, at both Sobeys locations I didn't see the marinades. At both Sobeys they were located next to hot sauces, bbq sauces, etc.