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Mar 22, 2009 03:17 PM

New pizza choices in O side/ Carlsbad

Wow thanks Bronx pizza. THey have trained numerous North county pizza guys, to include Flippin, Knockouts and now Brooklyn Boyz. While I enjoy KO/Flippin, they have become way to expansion oriented and their pizzas seem to be getting thinner by the second. I appreciate a thin crust but I don not appreciate thin cheese and almost no sauce. Pretty soon a KO/Flippin pizza will way less than the box.

Enter Brooklyn boyz and Pizarro. Two different styles but both very tasty. Brooklyn is very similar to bronx and KO for that matter, however they don't seem to be as skimpy on the toppings. Similar flavors but just more and thus tastier. These guys should prosper.

I am currently addicted to Pizarro's pizza. I worry because they are in a notoriously poor performing space but the pizza is what dominos or papa johns should be like. I know neither of those places makes a pizza that you or I would want to eat. However, I don't always want a NY style very thin crust pizza. SOmetimes I want a more substantial pizza. I am not talking Chicago dd, but just a normal pizza. Pizarro's is that pizza for me. I have ordered about six pies and they have all been tasty. I would not suggest ordering extra cheese because these guys load it on. My only complaint about pizarro's would be an occasional bit too thick crust. That said, their crust is delicious, it has just a hint of sweetness. I am eating a slice of sausage pizza right now. Here is a big plus, their sausage is actually sausage, not disks nor pellets.

Booklyn boyz is off Jefferson and VIsta way just east of the 5 and north of the 78 , take the Jefferson exit off the 78. Pizzaros is off el camino real just north of Vista way.

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  1. Who'd figure that the owners of Bronx Pizza would be the Johnny Appleseed of pizza?

    1. Im so glad that you posted about Brooklyn Boyz. I was going to after trying their $6 2 slice and a soda deal the other day. (I live up the hill) In the case they also had a tomato pie(thicker) . Haven't seen that since my So. Philly bakery days. They call it their lasagne pizza. Iam so happy they're in the hood. will be back to try the great looking menu of eggplant, calamari etc. Let's hope they stay and prosper.

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        If you have not eaten the garlic knots I highly recommend. Like I said in my original post, bronx or knockouts only better.

        1. re: SeanT

          hey i know these guys for years they have been doing pizza about 30 years and it shows in the quality of food they serve bronx and flippin wish they knew what these guys know i would put them at the top of the list over anyone !!

          1. re: iminec

            I had the 2 slice at Brooklyn Boyz last night. Really good. The place is nice and they have a few good beers on tap as well. I think they have a 2 alice and beer for $9. will deff be back.

      2. I went to Brooklyn Boyz Pizza on friday night after reading the reveiws on here.
        After waiting in line for what seemed like forever i finally made it to the front counter.
        I ordered a blackened chicken sandwich after the cute girl with pigtails recommended it.
        I decided to try a slice of cheese pizza while i waited. Im so glad i did, the pizza is just the way i like it. its nice and firm so when you pick it up it doesnt limped back down like a wet noodle. its just greasy enough that you know they used really good cheese.

        I was expecting a really great sandwich after the recommendation and the awesome pizza but what i received was way beyond great. The blackening spice had the most amazing flavor and i think i found my new best friend.

        The vibe in this place was buzzing on friday night and the employees really seemed to be having a really great time as well as all the guests. everyone seemed to know each other....well everyone but me lol but maybe one day, i too will be part of this new hangout.

        I highly recommend Brooklyn Boyz Pizza !!! I know i will be back!!!