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Mar 22, 2009 01:41 PM

I need Arabic spices in Orange!

I know where the asian and mexican markets are, but I need ras al hanout STAT so I need an arabic market somewhere in the OC, preferably somewhat near Costa Mesa :-) Can you help me find a good place for Arabic spices and other goodies? Thank you so much!

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  1. You might try Wholesome Choice in Irvine at the corner of Culver and Michelson, right off the 405.

    1. Where you need to be is Anaheim:

      Easiest place to start off is the (Zankou) strip mall on Ball between Brookhurst and Magnolia. From there you can expand your search, and I'm sure some other recs will be forthcoming...

      1. Start at Brookhurst and Ball; pick any market. Wholesome Choice is another excellent suggestion.

        1. There's a Persian market near the Persian restaurant Orchid on Bristol. I don't know the cross street, but it's in the same shopping center as Orchid and some Japanese video stores. Orchid is at 3033 Bristol. I can't recall the name of the Persian market, it's been a while since I went there, but they'll likely have your spice.

          1. Excellent! Thank you!! Well, I hit up Super Irvine and Wholesome Choice....oh heaven! I spent $200 but still no ras al hanout. Luckily I found so many other amazing things it didn't even matter. I am now totally jonesing to go check out Anaheim and their arabic markets!