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Mar 22, 2009 12:08 PM

Where to Eat?

My husband and I are coming to D.C. and need some recommendations for restaurants. We will be there for 4 days in late March.
We like seafood, Asian food, and mainly everything! We don't really care if there are candles and white tablecloths, we like GOOD FOOD and don't care for pretension.
We are staying right downtown.
We are having an anniversary while there, so a restaurant recommendation for that would be good, too.
Thanks a million.

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  1. I would recommend Komi for your special anniversary dinner. It is delicious, gourmet cuisine. For seafood: Hook and Blacksalt for upscale and very good food, and Hank's oyster Bar for a more casual, New England seafood type of menu- fried clams, lobster rolls, etc. Granville Moore's- an amazing gastropub-cool atmosphere- with the best mussels & frites I have ever had-also an extensive beer list. (Blacksalt, Granville Moore's not metro accesible, but in my opinion worth the cab ride.) Central (eclectic menu), Founding Farmers (comfort food served in a trendy place), Dino (Italian),Matchbox for a more casual but delicious meal (gourmet pizzas and the best sliders ever) and Proof (cheese/charcut bar, excellent, eclectic menu with an extensive wine list) are also very good choices. Enjoy your visit....

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      Have you heard of DC Coast? Oceanaire? Are they good?

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        fine, but not exciting kabob has better ideas. O is a national chain, Coast is good, but a bit loud and more of a lobbyist type place in my book.

    2. Looks like you might be from GTA... I second Komi, (if you've been to Toque in Montreal, Komi is similar but not as good service, and maybe food).
      I don't think we have any Asian that comes close to Spadina or hwy 7 / Steele....perhaps Japanese would interest you. There are a few you can check out, I would try Makoto as I don't know when Sushi Taro would open and what they might become (the old Sushi Taro is likely what you would want in Asian). But if you are at Komi, Sushi Taro woudl be right next door.

      1. It's already late March. If you can't get reservation at Komi, another great experience is the Chef's Table at Teatro Goldoni (I would rate them equally). Both are fairly heavy on seafood.

        If you make it to Komi and would like a less expensive but good Italian meal, call Obelisk. Another multi-course tasting favoring seafood for around $75? Rasika is a rather unique modern Indian, tasting menu for around $75.

        1. Hi, I would be interested to find out where you ate as my husband and I will 4 days over our 17th anniversary early May.