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Mar 22, 2009 12:00 PM

Big Island - farmers markets and fresh fish?

We will be visiting the Big Island and renting a house in the Hawi area. I'm looking forward to cooking with locally sourced foods. I have list of farmers markets, but just day's and time -- looking for more recommendations on what to look for where, also wondering where I could find fresh fish, maybe even some lamb or beef.

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  1. Suisan in Hilo is your best bet for fresh fish.
    93 Lihiwai St
    Hilo, HI 96720
    (808) 935-9349

    Don't worry too much about having a plan of attack for the Hilo market; you're sure to find what you're looking for, and a few surprises too. The Sunday Maku'u market in Puna is worth checking out - not so much for fresh foods, but the prepared foods are outstanding!

    I do suggest you talk to the vendors at the market so that you know where your food is coming from; we've seen a few re-selling items from CostCo's bulk packages, unfortunately.

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    1. re: hiD

      A few weeks ago, I learned from sad experience that Suisan is closed on Sunday.

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        Thanks! ... and also for the heads up, the farmers markets in Phoenix are the same way (I have seen Aspargus in in November bundled with rubber bands marked "Puru").

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          Still too early for mango, the flowers have set and the fruit has started to grow, but it will be a few more weeks. Not sure how soon you will be here, but you may be able to get some freshly pickled mango (made from green mango)

        2. the fish market in Kawaihae is very good...the Waimea farmer's market (Sat only) is great...much better than Hilo

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            Holulaloa farmer - you always have great suggestions/posts. I have heard much of the NELHA (correct my acronym if I'm wrong) market as being fabulous with chef demo and great product but to my knowledge it is not a weekly thing - is that true?

            1. re: manomin

              sorry, don't know but I'll check it out soon...I'm off to Europe...when I return

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                The NELHA Farmer's fish market continues to be held the last Friday of the month. There was one yesterday. It remains a wildly popular event support by both the Locals and visitors.
                Beside the fresh fish /seafood ...there are freshly made sausages from Island Thyme Sausages.

                1. re: easily amused

                  You are right! Friends of mine who live there went yesterday. I'm jealous!