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Mar 22, 2009 11:50 AM

VERNOR'S.....say it isn't so!

Have been away for the winter and on my return on March 1st I have been told by Shopper's and Metro that the wonderful gingerale of my youth VERNOR'S is no longer available in Ontario......I couldn't find it in Loblaws either...Anyone know if this is true or simply not available 'now' (this did happen a few years back)...Who knows what's up??

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  1. Well, it does not taste as good as I remember it from over 50 years now tastes too sweet. But then, that's probably just me...

    I have two cans left in my fridge.

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    1. re: Dean Tudor

      Like Dean Tudor, I also find Vernor's lacks the gingery up-your-nose zing of when I was young and foolish. Still, it's the most gingery of the commercial ginger ales still available. And, from what I can see, it IS still available. Caplansky's Deli, I noted yesterday, has a ready supply in its cooler. And there were 12-can cartons of it stacked by the checkout at Pusateri's on Avenue Road last time I was there, albeit - as with everything else at that location - at a premium price.

      1. re: juno

        Juno, my apologies. I thanked Dean instead of you. I'm enjoying it so much! Thx!!

      2. re: Dean Tudor

        Thx Dean. I just picked up a 12 pack of Vernors for $5.99..Pusateri's Avenue Rd just north of Lawrence, east side by Car wash

      3. I know that diet Vernor's disappeared last year. I still see regular Vernor's around, but Vernor's hasn't tasted anything like Vernor's used to taste for many years now. It's flatter, sweeter, lacks bite, and has little ginger taste. The same thing was done to Canada Dry some years ago.

        Dean Tudor, it isn't you!

        I now use Aunt May's ginger syrup in seltzer for my fix. I wish Blenheim ginger ale (from South Carolina) was sold here.

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        1. re: embee

          How does the 'old fashioned' stuff compare to ginger beers from the Caribbean? They have a good taste of ginger.

          1. re: grandgourmand

            Vernor's used to be the most gingery ginger ale available here. The Caribbean ginger beers (at least most of them) always have been stronger and remain so. Oddly, though, some Caribbean brands use artificial flavour.

            Old Tyme was very nice, though I haven't had it in a few years. The last bottle I recall was bottled in New Jersey...

            1. re: embee

              Old Tyme is still very nice. It is my personal "on the drive home" treat after doing my shopping at Loblaws (Q. Quay).

        2. I saw cases of Vernor's at Sobey's in Pickering yesterday.

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          1. re: paulcol

            Hey thanks everyone...I don't remember Vernor's as being 'that' gingery either way back when or for that matter now..but that's actually why I like it...I've just come back from the winter in JA and they do have a 'local' gingerale made by D&G (yah, the same people Desmond & Geddoes who make(?)just about everything on the Island like Rum and many flavours of pop(soda) If you like a strong ginger taste you could try some of the D&G stuff ,probably will find it in most Jamaican stores around town..I find it too strong a taste for me.
            Yes, Vernors is on the 'sweet' side but I am really a BIG fan and it's what I crave when drinking Gingerale plus it's what I grew up relatives lived in Detroit when I was growing up and my Parents never came back to Toronto without the car being loaded down with Vernor's...the US relatives visited Toronto and always took back Crown Royal by the case! Fair enough eh!!!

            1. re: pearlD

              In my formative years in S.W. Ont., Vernor's was bottled in Chatham and shipped to stores and diners from London to Windsor.
              When my family visited Detroit, the treat to bring back was Peter Paul's Mounds, or Almond Joy.

              1. re: jayt90

                I remember drinking a lot of it in SW Ont during the nineteen fifties, in Drayton, Harriston, Arthur, at gas stations, on the way to Detroit to see family. I had no idea that there was a local bottling plant. And that made sense.

          2. I don't know if it is, but the Vernor's brand is apparently owned by Dr Pepper (see - you could try checking with their consumer relations department.

            1. have bought Verners here last summer..........they have a real variety of sodas. Out of the way for public transit users, but they had loads.


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              1. re: jack_sprat_ca

                thanks for the heads up on this place. I just came from there, bought some Grape Nehi, and some different Root Beers.

                Prices are less than I thought, about 2 bucks a bottle.