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Mar 22, 2009 11:47 AM

Screaming for Ice Cream!

Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone travels past ice cream places and can report whether or not any are open yet or if they know when they will be opening? The slightest warm weather gets me craving a trip to the stand. Specifically I am interested in Uncle Ed's Front Porch. I don't travel that way too often and would have to make a special trip to check and they don't have a website.

Somerset Creamery's Somerset location opens March 25th.

Kimball's in Westford is opening April 1st, Jaffrey is opening April 15th, Carlisle on April 8th.

Anyone have any news to report?


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  1. The ones I go to are open all winter... lol Ben*Jerry's and Cold Stone.

    1. Morton's Ice Cream, School St., just off Main, Ellsworth, Me. On your way to Aacadia. The ginger is our favorite.

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        Arnie's in Concord NH has been open a couple of weeks.

      2. Hayward's in Nashua has been open a week or two now. If I recall correctly this is earlier in the season than they've opened in past years.

        1. Mad Maggie's in the old Treadwell's location, North Andover, is open year round. So is Shaker Pond in Alfred, Maine. Can't wait for Carter's in Haverhill and Benson's in Boxford to open up !

          Mad Maggie's Ice Cream
          1025 Osgood Street North, Andover, MA

          1. Cremeland in Manchester NH is open (been for a couple weeks) - definately one of my favs in NE.

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              Would you mind giving me directions to Cremeland from MHT airport? thanks!

              1. re: jackattack

                yes, as you leave the airport onto Brown Ave - take Rt 293 north. Just after the split (101 goes west), you'll stay on Rt. 293, you will take the first exit (Queen City Ave/Bridge). Take a right at end of ramp, then right at that first light (queen city ave), take that up to elm street (take a left - the school will be on your left). Several lights up is Valley St (take a right). It's about 4/5 blocks up on your left - across teh street from 7-11 store.

                They are advertising some new funky flavors - but I was blown away by pistachio last year.