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Mar 22, 2009 10:32 AM

Sunday dinner in Paris

I'll be in Paris next Sunday and have discovered most of the better known places are closed. I'd very much appreciate any suggestions for very, very good food. I'm not necessarily looking for a big name or fancy place, but I have very high food expectations.


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  1. Fine dining: La Grande Cascade, le Cinq (Briffard is there for dinner, not lunch), le Bristol. La Tour d'Argent is open -- no idea yet how good it actually is. I need to wait until Delucacheesemonger comes in town so we can go together.

    Mid-range (150/200pp) and legendary chefs : La Table de Joel Robuchon, Senderens,

    Great food for less: Ramsay's Véranda in Versailles, Christophe on rue Descartes.

    La Rotisserie du Beaujolais for rotisserie, Joséphine (rue du Cherche-midi) for hyper classical and generous, brasserie.

    Fish (rue de Seine) has great wines (and an open on sundays wine store nearby) and very good fresh simple food.

    And in Chinatown -- Likafo, Asia Palace, Pho 14

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      Souphie - the articles and write-ups I have seen state that "Josephine" is closed on Sunday. Before I cross it off my list for next Sunday, I want to be sure you're not talking about a different place. I am referring to Josephine - Chez Dumonet?

      1. re: BobTheEater65

        I am. And indeed I was wrong, it is closed sat and sun. Wishful thinking...

        But l'Auberge Bressane is open sundays.

    2. What do we mean by mid range. Would it be fair that for mid range dinner it would be less than E 75 with wine , etc per person? For lunch less than E 55?

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        It depends. The OP said they had "high food expectations" so to accurately reply to the post you would discount the lower/cheap end of the market.

        Thus IMO the entry level is Chez l'Ami Jean, Le Regalade etc then €75 pp for dinner is probably about right, then as Souphie says mid would then be €150/200 pp and top is probably somewhere north of €400 pp.

        I know it is quite a contentious statement to discount the lower/cheaper end of the market as many people find this end of Paris dining to be either far better than what is available in their home town or is far better than they are used to eating when they generally eat out. But in reality these are the sorts of prices you will pay to truly fulfil high food expectations in Paris - it is a very expensive city with few food bargains i.e. if it is cheap there is a good reason.

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          Souphie: Any opinions about Garance (in the 10th) for Sunday dinner? How would you compare it with l'Auberge Bressane?

          1. re: plafield

            Plafield, I have no idea. Now I am going to research that place, maybe go?

            From what I gather, they're polar opposites -- Garance is in bobo central and has thai spices and modern cooking. L'Auberge Bressane (as you can see from my gallery at is in regular bourgeois central and cooks crepes suzettes, poulet aux morilles, ris de veau à la crème...

            1. re: souphie

              John Talbott really seems to love Garance and it's very close to where we're staying for our one Sunday night (right across for Gare Nord) before we go to Belgium for 4 nights so it's a likely place for dinner that night. Want to join us? (Sunday, May 10)