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Mar 22, 2009 10:24 AM

Kosher for Passover Coca Cola (NY Area)

Has anyone seen the kosher for Passover Coca Cola in the New York area? Who has it for the best price?

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  1. You must have missed the 10 for $10 sale on it at Waldbaums last week. They had all except for the Sprite zero, and no limit. No one seems to have it on sale this week, but perhaps next week Shoprite or Pathmark will have.

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    1. re: yaakov

      4 for 3.00 at Shop-Rite in Livingston. So far, only Coke and Coke Zero, though.

        1. re: hanistor

          LOL. Seriously? I rushed in to get soda for my daughters' bday party, so I wasn't exactly browsing for metziahs. Thanks for clarifying.

        2. re: DeisCane

          Are you sure that you saw Coke Zero kosher for passover? That is my favorite cola and I can't seem to find it.

          Could anyone in the 5 Towns chime in if they saw it at any of the local stores. I can live without it over pesach but it would be nice if I can get it.

        3. re: yaakov

          pathmark in NJ is advertising 5 bottles of coca cola @ $0.68 a piece. 1 bottle must be sprite or ginger ale.

          i dont know if this is pesach soda, but im gonna be checking it out tonight.

        4. Key Food in KGH had them (regular, diet and sprite) for 1.25 motzei shabbos.

          1. Glatt Kosher Kingdom is advertising

            COKE/CAFFEINE FREE/DIET/SPRITE 2 ltr 7/$5

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              1. re: kiddush hopper

                Cut & pasted directly from their ad. Maybe it was a typo on their part.


              2. re: MartyB

                Well that is no more, now 4/$6.

              3. Pathmark in Bergenfield has Pesach Coke for 69 cents a bottle.

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                1. re: typo lad

                  funny your username is typo lad, as it's 68 cents a bottle, not 69 cents!! hahahaha.

                  (incidentally, 78 cents here in NYC- chutzpah!)

                  1. re: latke

                    78 cents plus 5 cent deposit HAH!!!!

                    1. re: kiddush hopper

                      Oy, don't remind me.

                      And now 5 cents on each water bottle too.

                2. Has anyone seen Kosher for Passover Coke in cans this year?