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Has anyone eated at or heard about t'Huidevettershuis in Brugge?

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  • mjtx Mar 22, 2009 10:16 AM
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I was wondering if anyone had eaten at or heard about t'Huidevettershuis in Brugge?

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  1. We had a terriffic lunch here. We had the 3 course meal and everything was wonderful. My first course was Mashed potato with Zeebrugge shrimps, tomato and chives
    Sour cream with Wheat beer and lemon

    My entree was dover sole and spear of almond potatoes with dried herbs
    Asparagus and chervil butter with “Steenbrugge Blond”
    and it was delicious.

    For dessert I had chocolate mousse and it had both white chocolate and dark chocolate mousse. Also delicious.

    We would definitely eat there again.