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Mar 22, 2009 10:11 AM

late night deals or early bird specials

Hi i wondered if we could list the restaurants that offer the late service discounted, there are a couple on laurier, one on parc. I have tried lemeac twice after 10 pm and found it good value. There was one restaurant well known in old montreal i noticed the other day but i forgot the name, offering special menu at good price if you go around 5:30 pm, anybody able to provide the details...In economic doom and gloom times, deals can be welcome

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  1. Excellent idea.

    As you mentioned on Laurier, there is Lemeac's $22 after 10pm, Chez Levesque $21 after 9pm, and Ferriera Cafe $24 after 10pm.

    Ferriera's webpage also announces a lunchtime table d'hote every Monday for -get this- only $13! The menu online lists neither the Monday lunch nor latenight (which is every night) specials, so this calls for investigation...

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      can anyone confirm that ferriera's lunchtime table d'hote is $13? I always used to walk by the place and it looked great but never tried it.

      1. re: jonny8

        It isnt on the website anymore so I really doubt it

    2. We're testing driving the late-night restaurants. There's Milos as well (although no mention on their website) and La coupole. Will investigate Ferreira Cafe.
      So far Milos is #1. But I found the ambiance better at Lemeac.

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        What's on the late-night menu at Milos these days? A few weeks ago, when I checked I was disappointed to learn it was your choice of three apps (salmon sashimi, organic lentil soup or I forget what), three mains (tuna burger, mushroom risotto or fried squid, I think) and one dessert (fritters of some sort) for $20, i.e. nothing like their great lunch special. Several of us had been planning to go for our post-tasting meal but no one wanted to after hearing the menu details.

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          Is that the lunch or late night menu you described? $20 for late night? How much is lunch? Thanks.

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            That was the post-22:00 special.

            The lunch special is here:

            Looks like the late-night special is online now, too, and much as I remembered it:

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              Milos has updated the late night special and, at $20.09, it's really quite the deal. The food, cooking and presentation are on a level with their regular fare. The settings are fancier than at Leméac or Bouchonné. Service is polished if a little cool. On a June evening, the mezze plate was a winner of an appetizer but the tomato and feta salad was also first-rate. The dorade was lovely; the lobster pasta just fine (the lobster -- pulled from the tank before our eyes -- fresh and tasty, the pasta nicely al dente, the tomato sauce very good though, if making it at home, I'd have added a fresh red chile and showered it with basil) and fairly priced ($15 supplement); the fillet was said to be very good. As reported elsewhere, the baklava is elegant and refined. The sorbet was full of flavour. Not many diners the twice that we've been, making for a subdued atmosphere. Still, given the recent disappointments with Leméac's offering and the changes at Bouchonné, this strikes many of us as delivering the most bang for the buck when it comes to post-22:00 dining in Outremont/Mile End these days.

              1. re: carswell

                Wow, that sounds like a great menu. I've tried the late night special at Milos, La Coupole, Chez Leveque and Lemeac. Milos was by far the best food. Lemeac was meh (a clearly nuked but still cold minestrone), La Coupole too snobby (a forgettable seafood pasta, too creamy) and not very welcoming, Chez Leveque was the best all-round experience: good service, nice ambiance and simple but well prepard food. Think I will go back to Milos for the food and try Ferreira and Les Deux Gamins.

      2. L'express is also open pretty late (not sure about exact hours) but there are no deals.

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          i didnt realize milos had late night menu or ferreira , would like to try them out, I have had the lunch special 3x at milos, great value and the menus do change. I may go down to old montreal to check out which restaurant had early bird advertised, i think it was on a roof....

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            well tried out cafe ferreira and that was a perfect evening with their late night deal! Now thinking of going to 2 gamins on Prince Arthur this evening as good reviews, but i noticed on their site that they too have a late night deal other evenings, menu de soir $22 after 10pm thurs. to sunday til midnight, it is also noted they have music on weekends --so here it is added to our list

            their website

        2. Beaver Hall (Europea's bistro) has a deal too, 22% off after 10pm, if I'm not mistaken. However, I have never seen the place recommended here.

          I went there for lunch shortly after they opened, over a year ago, and it was okay.

          1. Here's a recent report:

            Cafe Ferreira late night special
            - tasty sardines, meh squid, nice grilled chunk of salmon with super silky sweet potato puree, delish roast chicken, and all for 24 bucks for 1 app and 1 main! And decent servings!
            But always room for dessert: creamier-than-I'd-like quince pannacotta with apple-cinnamon-streusel-y topping but still licked the cup clean and molten chocolate cake with intense (well, for me anyway because I don't like coffee) coffee ice cream and crazily yummy cookie crumbs on the side and itty bitty chocolate cookie balls on top of the cake.
            The service was the best: treated us real nice, whether we spent 24 bucks or 240 bucks, didn't appear to matter.