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Mar 22, 2009 09:33 AM

Just back from week in Umbria with reviews

I spent three nights in Spello and had three wonderful dinners:
La Cantina - beautiful setting with rustic stone walls and cane chairs. Very nice menu. I had the tagliate of beef.
Il Pinturicchio - great meal, very good service. Lamb tonight, prepared in the local style.
Il Molina - another great meal. Very interesting pork dish - sort of a timbale - very tasty.

La Palomba - my server lavishly shaved black truffle over my pasta - oh so good. Had the cinghiale (boar) as my secondi.
Trattoria Mezzaluna - great for lunch, they serve large portions of fresh pasta. Perfect with insalata mista.

Ristorante Siro - very popular local place, lots of pasta choices. More black truffles!

One more thing....there was a street market in Spoleto with two porchetta trucks. I skipped the bread and just asked for a few slices of porchetta with salt and pepper. OMG, so delicious!!!

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  1. I'm still in Umbria and saw those trucks just yesterday in Spoleto.

    Also in Spoleto, we each had a great lunch of glasses of good local wines of 2006 Adanti Rosso Montefalco and 2005 Napoloni Rosso Sagrantino, a plate each of unbelievably good Umbrian cold cuts, cheeses and bruschetti at Il iio Viaio, a charmingly delightful deli/enoteca at the same street as the market. It was Euro15 each and this place is highly recommended for anyone who happen to visit. Oh, and btw, the hosts even had their mamma come out of the kitchen to drizzle aged, creamy Modena balsamic vinegar on the cheeses ... only if you like.