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Mar 22, 2009 08:52 AM

Commander's Palace lunch...

First, any recommendations as far as what to order? We are going on a Wednesday, in the beginning of April. Last year BF had some sort of fish; I had a lamb turnover. I want to try something new and delicious! And of course we will finish up with Bananas Foster.

Secondly...I felt slightly under dressed the last time in a skirt and shirt. I found a cute and flattering pink "maxi" dress that has some sparkly threads. It's young and fun, and looks nice, but I am worried that it is too informal. Any thoughts?

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  1. You could try the turtle soup and also the shrimp w tasso is excellent. I would also recommend the bread pudding as it is absolutely out of this world. In regards to your dress, I think it sounds perfect lunch although I would advise taking a wrap or spring sweater if it is a halter or sleeveless. I wore something similiar to lunch there last month and felt completely at ease and not at all under dressed. Enjoy!

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    1. re: ScarlettNola

      The dress looks similar to this one. I was thinking of wearing a tank under it as it's a little skimpy...ugh I hate dressing up!! But you think it will be okay?

      1. re: peachacid

        I think it is perfectly fine, but if you are uncomfortable, I would take a sweater or shawl. My dress is similiar but a halter maxi dress and I only suggested a wrap or sweater bc it was rather chilly that day inside the restaurant. Lunch isn't super formal, so you will be okay as long as you are comfortable. Have a great lunch and I like the dress! : )

    2. The Oyster/Absinthe dome is great. I also like whatever seasonal dessert they have going. Right now, they have their strawberry shortcake. That thing is awesome. Second the turtle soup, or you could try all three soups with the 1-1-1.

      I don't think you'll be underdressed at lunch.

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      1. re: N.O.Food

        Rather than start a new thread, I'll ask here. Why do the majority of people recommend CP for lunch over dinner? Is the food better at lunch or is it a cost thing, or something else?

        1. re: hoppy2468

          Seems like the food and service are better at lunch. Cost is better, too, but that's a secondary factor.

          1. re: hoppy2468

            The same food at a better price as well as less rushed servers and chefs resulting in an overall better experience.

            1. re: hoppy2468

              Don't forget, too, the 25 cent martinis! =) I also like to eat my largest meal for lunch.

              1. re: peachacid

                25 cent martinis and the gin/vodka comes from where? If I can get a Grey Goose martini that normally costs $11-$14 here in Chicago, I'll show up at CP for lunch and never leave!

                1. re: hoppy2468

                  That is sooo true. Probably the same stuff they served at the frat parties in college. Would love to know the answer to that before I imbibe.

                  1. re: ScarlettNola

                    For 25 cents you get the well brand gin or vodka - I advise to stick with the classic or cosmo. Call brands are certainly available. Here's the section from their online menu. Photo is of my Dad's 75th b'day as he worked the room to greet everyone else in a birthday toque.

                    Commander's Palace Lunch
                    25¢ Martinis
                    "The only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it." - Oscar Wilde

                    Classic Martini
                    Gin or vodka, white vermouth, lemon twist or olive

                    Commander’s Palace Martini
                    Vodka, white vermouth, blue Curaçao, lemon garnish

                    Vodka, triple sec, Rose’s lime juice, cranberry juice, lime twist garnish

                    Ray’s Melon Martini
                    Vodka, melon liqueur, blue Curaçao, cherry garnish

                    1. re: AreBe

                      I have never tried the .25 cent martini and I knew there was a reason. The classic is my absolute favorite. How great that your dad is still having that much fun. Happy Belated Birthday to him!

                2. re: peachacid

                  the 25 Cent martinis are real??? That seems unbelievably inexpensive.

                  1. re: Bhickman

                    Bayona has .25 cent martinis as well (during weekday lunch hours last time I checked)

                    1. re: Bhickman

                      Many of the Brennan clan restaurants have this special. At Bacco's, for instance, they are 5-cents. Yes, you read that right: one nickel!

              2. Definitely get the turtle soup and the bread pudding souffle. You have to order the souffle when your order your entree, I believe, unless that has changed.