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Mar 22, 2009 08:40 AM

Great restaurants along Florida's Forgotten Coast

We will be traveling vacationing in Alligator Point , Florida in early June. Does anyone have any suggestions for great food(seafood or otherwise) within a 60 mile radius? We prefer to stay off the beaten path if at all possible.

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  1. We have a beach house in Mexico Beach, so we are well aquainted with the come and go nature of the coast. If you go toward Mexico Beach - make sure you eat at Killer Seafood on 98 - the fish taco's are THE BEST - they are closed on Tuesday and only open limited hours - but everything there is great! (if you find better hush puppies, let me know!)
    If you want a 4 star beautiful view, and higher prices - but great food - stop in at School of Fish - located at Windmark Village on the water, between Pt. St. Joe & MB - it is the most beautfiul setting on the coast, upstairs - and the food is great.
    Tucan's is the "tourist" stop in MB, but just get drinks - the view is great upstairs, the food is usually mediocer at best..
    A nice change from seafood - if you need it - is in Pt. St. Joe - Main Street - Peppers - a pretty good Mexican place - the standard - but good. ENJOY!

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      Thanks so much! One more questions-which restaurant do you prefer---Bosses Oysters or Indian Pass Raw Bar? I have heard mixed things about both places so am unsure of which direction to go.

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        If you are going to be staying in a beach house or condo and can shuck I'd suggest driving to Buddy Ward's seafood and buying a bag of oysters for around 25.00. They have a location on the Bay and one in Apalach.
        Apalachicola Seafood Grill has good fresh seafood and awesome potato salad. El Jalisco in Apalach also has decent Mexican if you get tired of seafood. I love Indian Pass raw bar but it is basically just a place for beer and oysters. They have a very small menu but great oysters, good gumbo, and really good key lime pie. We have been there many times but last time I went I actually walked out because they were busy and there was a server I had not encountered before who was very rude to the point of nasty. So if you are there during a busy time I would come back later or put on a smile and be patient.

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          I agree - Indian Pass has less choice and atmosphere, but probably better food - boss has more choice and atmosphere, but the food can be iffy - Good idea to buy the oysters, you can also buy fresh shrimp from the boat in Pt. St. Joe - and in Apalach - a few places - just ask. If you are going to Apalach, I think "The Owl" has the best food -
          A nice place, with consistantly good food is Sunset Grille in Pt. St. Joe on the bay. Beautiful setting - the grouper imperial is always amazing - and the sweet potatoe casserole is super!!! It is a "nicer" place - not dressy, but not like Indian Pass!

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            I also went to the Sunset Grill on our last trip to the Panhandle and thought it was good. Nice atmosphere and view. I was just there for lunch and had gumbo and key lime pie. Both were excellent.

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              I'm not sure if it is still there - we usually don't go that far, but back a few years ago - the "That Place on 98" by Eastpoint was good...

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          I've heard reports that Fish Out of Water has closed.

          Toucans is in something of a state of limbo right now. The old owner got arrested for drugs, guns, and tax evasion charges last year. The IRS ordered the restuarant auctioned off last month, and I haven't heard if the new owner has all the financials straightened out yet. Though when he does, he plans to reopen with the same name, menu, and most of the old employees who weren't involved in old owner's problem.

        3. I particularly like "2 Al's" just west of Carrabelle. Great owners, good, cheaper food, nice selection. Very quirky with lots of personality!