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Mar 22, 2009 08:17 AM

Tell me what the 5 best food places in Montana are?

Just places to eat, no stand alone bars unless they have an outstanding food item.

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  1. hi -
    are you visiting and wondering? going to be in specific towns?
    my recs (mind you, there really aren't any great restaurants in Montucky). If you're in Missoula, try Scotty's Table. i can't recommend anything in Bozeman (maybe the Mint in Belgrade) because they're all not-great and over-priced (i live in Bzn and prefer to stay in and cook). Butte: Uptown Cafe. Livingston, 2nd St Bistro is okay, Bar & Grille is not worth it anymore (also closed for dinner, really struggling). Billings has a few good places - Enzo (they get in extremely fresh fish daily, and pastas are good. really like Enzo) and Walker's downtown has ambience, a good wine list, and decent food. places to skip in Bzn, should you be there/here (it seems everyone is): Looie's (bad circa-1990 ambience and cooking's all over the map), same thing could be said for John Bozeman Bistro (bison and thai noodles and feels like a food court menu). Plonk is a loud and mostly annoying bar scene with passable small plates. People in MT drive many many miles to go out to eat. I'm no exception, and several times a year I drive the 100 miles each way to Helena to have authentic Thai food. also happy to drive to Enzo in Billings.

    hope that helps. if you have more specific questions, will do my best.

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      Thanks for your time, I've lived in Billings for over 20 years. Your bracketed comment about Montucky pretty much says it all. I just wanted to throw it out there to see what others thought. There's a few good places around but we sure as hell don't have any claim to a culinary mecca. Thanks again.

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        I have to throw in the Cattle Baron Supper Club at the Babb Bar in Babb, on the east side of Glacier Park.

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          What about Montana's Rib and Chop House in Livingston. Thanks.

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              Any reports on Rainbow Ranch post-fire?

            2. The original comment has been removed
              1. Augusta, MT, have a hamburger at Buckhorn Bar., Seriously good.

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                1. re: EllnMllr

                  Second the Buckhorn. Especially on rodeo weekend.

                  1. re: EllnMllr

                    x2 on this one. I live in Helena and had to travel to Augusta for work. My co-worker was amazed by my praise and told me most bars in Montana serve burgers this good. I have done my fair share of bar hopping on the west side of the divide, Buckhorn is absolutely IT.

                  2. 1. Naps in Hamilton. Best burger in the world.
                    2. Eddies Steakhouse in Great Falls. Best steak in the world. Get it campfire style, and get green goddess dressing on your salad.
                    3. restaurant at Chico Hot Springs in Livingston
                    4. Lolo steakhouse in, well, Lolo.
                    5. Borries in Black Eagle Havre (Great Falls). The fried ravs dipped in spaghetti sauce are not to be missed.

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                    1. re: kidmedusa

                      Oh come on...Eddie's Supper Club?'ve got to be kidding. And, Borries "spaghetti sauce" shouldn't be considered Italian! In Great Falls, try the Bar S for steaks and Dante's for most everything else.

                      1. re: jarhead43

                        The spaghetti sauce at Borries isn't supposed to be Italian- it's Croatian. And I stand by Eddies Supper Club!
                        Of course, if you just want a drink, you should go to the Sip N' Dip