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Mar 22, 2009 08:14 AM

Try Escargot 41, Naples

Escargot 41, 4339 Tamiami Tr., N., Naples FL We are snowbirds and don't eat out often because I love to cook, but we have tried this place twice in the last month. I'm sorry we didn't find it sooner this season. It is tucked back in a little strip mall, hard to spot. Between the K-mart and Fresh Market. Don't let the location fool you. The food is authentic French. For starters they have Escargot prepaired seven different ways, but we love the classic Bourguignone. Once one table orders it you find other tables ordering it too, just from the aroma's. The fish is fresh daily. Their wine list is very extensive and very very fair. We are wine distributors and usually like to bring our own, but the corking fee here is OUT OF SITE. $55.00 a bottle. We almost didn't try them because of the fee, but the food is so good that we will still continue to go. Jacquelyn the owner is very sweet and efficient. If your looking for a little diamond in the rough, try it. We noticed they have a very loyal following so reservations are a must.

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  1. I appreciate the review. My husband and I are visiting my parents next week in Naples and my mother reommended this restaurant. I will tell her it's one we definitely want to try. Sounds like they are really discouraging folks from bringing in their own wine - but if their prices are fair, I'm OK with that. I will send in my own thoughts after we dine there. Thanks!

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      I also recommend Escargot 41. We had a fabulous meal there last season. The sweetbreads are amazing! Actually I think the odd location is part of the charm, especially the first time; it's like walking into another world.

    2. We had a wonderful dinner there. Thanks for reminding me about the place. The Duck was fantastic and I agree the Escargot Bourguigone is my fav also.

      1. My hubby and I are coming over to Naples for Easter - Escargot 41 is closed on Sunday - is there someplace comparable which you all can recommend?

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          Had dinner this week at Cote D'Azur in at Immokolee & 41. Charming decor, mostly provencal cuisine. Husband had Foie Gras ap, followed by yellow tail grouper, which was divine. I had double lamb chops with a really delicious reduction, accompanied by haricot verts, done just right. Good dessert menu, desserts seem to be large enough to split. Wine list just okay. All in all a very nice evening!

        2. I've always enjoyed Bleu Provence, in Naples, but I'm not sure if they are open on Sunday. Also in Naples, I like Bamboo Cafe.

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            LOVE Bleu Provence! They should be open on Sundays, but im not entirely sure!

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              Bleu Provence: dinner only with cocktail lounge open at 4:30 pm. 7 days a week until they close in June or July for the summer.

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              Yes, Bleu Provnece is open on Sundays - were were just here last Sunday - and they even have a Sunday special until 6 pm: Steak Frites for $20. Really-nice looking steak, too. We'll try it the next time we're there.

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                Escargot 41 is the hands-down favorite of many of the French who live in Naples. The setting is in a strip mall, however as soon as you enter, you are in a wonderful bistro in Lyon of Paris. The food is divine. The wines are top quality, and the markup is very, very reasonable. What goes for $400 on 5th Ave is only $160 here. I called and asked about the markup. People brought in 3-5 bottles of really cheap wine for a large party, and Patrick said "No more, and set the bar high" The wines for $28-78 a bottle are very good.Try and find that price and quality at Cote D'Aur! The sweetbreads, in appetizer or as a main dish, are the best I've ever had. Never had them? Here's the place to fall in love with them-few people prepare them correctly. I like Escargot's duck (two ways), the steak with anchovy butter is heavenly, and the fish and seafood are known to be tops in Naples. One fish dealer told me he and others bring their best to Escargot, and the rest goes to less picky restaurants. There's no freezer, fish arrives every day, and you can taste the freshness. The raspberry souffle is my favorite dessert, followd by the key lime souffle.

                Escargot is a good spot to people watch-Nationally known celebrities, actors, athletes show up. Be cool, dont' stare. The prices are less than lesser French places such as Cote d'Azur, and Escargot's food is amazing. Bamboo Cafe has a Moroccan style-I like their tagines. Lafayette has a nice patio setting, as does Blue Provence.

                There's not a bad French place in town, Fort Myers lacks a good French restaurant. - Over each year, I eat at each of the French spots. . Escargot is the best on atmosphere, cuisine, and top service..

            3. Four of us returned to Escargot 41 last night, and it was everything we remembered (except possibly less crowded). After an amuse bouche of cumin-laced warm tomato/lemon puree, we started with classic escargot, onion soup, lobster bisque, and Ceasar salad, then moved on to crispy duck, tornedos, and fruits de mer, accompanied by a carafe of the fine house Pinot Noir. What can one say? This is classic French cooking at its best, in an intimate and cozy setting, with wonderful service. Every detail is just perfect. We lingered three hours and left very happy. The tab? About $55 per person, including coffee and a shared dessert - about what you would pay for a full dinner with appetizer and wine at the average upscale Naples restaurant. But this was anything but average. It just does not get much better than this!

              Escargot 41
              4339 Tamiami Trl N, Naples, FL 34103

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                Kudos to the chef of this little gem of a restaurant. The best French meal we've had outside of France. The moules were divine; I adored them. My husband and I had specials that were done to perfection, topped it all off with a wonderful raspberry souffle. Cheerful and efficient service. Wine list was incredibly extensive (almost too heavy to handle) but emphasized French and California wines;could have replaced some of these with New Zealand, and a few more Australian selections.