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Mar 22, 2009 08:13 AM

Bacchanalia in Atlanta Questions

I see the menu, understand the price fixe,etc. But, do you choose one option from appetizers, one from entree, one from cheese, one from desert? Wanna give it a try for anniversary, but my wife isn't as adventerous as I am.

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  1. It's my favorite in ATL (I should mention that I don't live there. Used to and visit often, but a detached student of the current food scene). As I recall, there are four courses - app., salad, main and desert and cheese is an optional fifth. I would say that even if your wife is not adventurous that she will be comfortable with the food. There are easy to pick choices (tenderloin, simple salads, molten choc cake, that kind of stuff) on the menu. No bat in blood sauce (kidding) or anything too scary. Hope she enjoys it.