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Mar 22, 2009 08:05 AM

Pit stop in Hong Kong on Honeymoon

We're spending three nights in Hong Kong this July on our way to Bali for our honeymoon. We would love a few dinner recommendations for places that are special but not too far off the beaten track as our time is just too limited for that. Basically any suggestions on where you would send a first timer looking to experience the best (but albeit semi-touristy) spots of HK. It is our honeymoon so we're not looking for hole in the wall spots but we're also can't break the bank each night either. We're staying at the Four Seasons but would love to get some recommendations in Kowloon also. And if it helps at all, we're in our early 30s and live in New York City. Thanks so much!!

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  1. hi!

    argh...NYC....jealousy =P

    for "higher end" HK/Cantonese read my earlier post here: and maybe the whole thread of

    will you be interested in other regional Chinese cuisines (Beijing, Sichuan, Shanghainess)?

    don't think you will be interested in any non chinese restaurants


    1. If you are on your honeymoon I would add China Club to your list - food is good and the location great. I am sure your hotel can rustle up a reservation for you.

      For the Bali bit - local Balinese food is not the best to be honest - do Dirty Duck in Ubud for the ambience and prob the nearby Ibu Okka Babi Guling or suckling pig for the food (very grotty place - get your driver or hotel concierge to takeaway for you). If you are staying at Four Seasons Sayan - it is a great resort. Mozaic in Ubud has an ex staffer from one of the Thomas Keller joints - the food I found ok only. The usual trendy spots in Seminyak have far better ambience and that Bali vibe - Ku De Ta, La Lucciola, Made's Warung

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        Thanks very much for your replies. I will definitely look into China Club. To answer Sher.eats, we're open to all cuisines and meals, but I figured at breakfast/lunch we may be running around sightseeing that we'll end up just grabbing something somewhere convenient. As for cuisines, I must admit that Chinese food is not my favorite so we would love to hear some non-Chinese recommendations to add to our list.

        One last question - I've read some good things about the Chinese restaurants in the Four Seasons, Mandarian and Pennisula. Do you know approximately how much a dinner for two costs at those places (w/o delicacies like shark fin)? Just trying to figure out our budget.

        Many thanks again!!

        1. re: mla19

          ah....but....our collection of "street food" (as in small restaurants on the ground level) are as of same importance as our fine dining places.....why don't you tell us where you're gonna visit and we can try to pair you nearby (by great) lunch spots?

          i have to word this bluntly but were those Chinese meals you did not enjoy "authentic", and which regional dishes did you try? I ask because we have quite a few pretty good chinese restaurants and wouldn't want you to miss them because of poor prior experiences...

          i would go for lunch at those 3 restaurants because there's dim sum = cheaper, very small portions per dish means if you don't like a particular one it's not a big deal, the full a la carte menu is available at lunch also, and four seasons / mandarin views are better at day than night (peninsula is indoors). For lunch assume $500 per person and dinner $800.

          other cuisines....well we have everything actually, but no point having american/japanese/italian/french/mid east since you're from NY...the asian communities are pretty strong at both of our cities so rull those out. so nope, Chinese and Cantonese!

          without pricey items, I think $150 US? There is a mandatory 10% service charge, ti

          1. re: Sher.eats

            Agree with Sher there is good food just about anywhere - not sure about Disney though - never been there. But then you may be looking for more ambience than authentic food. If so, do China Club / Lung King Heen (Four Seasons) / Mandarin on your day/night in Central. Do Hutong on your day/night in TST or Kowloon side. You are bound to visit the galleries and antiquities on Hollywood Rd. and Tim's Kitchen is in the vicinity as are a no. of other private kitchens and many of the street eats Sher is referring to - although the latter may be hole in the wall types - character ambience of a different sort... Actually, you'll prob like Luk Yu Teahouse in Central - not as classy as China Club though...

            1. re: mikey8811

              Thanks again for your replies!! We're open to all suggestions - it's just that being here in NY, it's easier to find info on the hotel dining options so that's what I'm most familar with so far. Also, I suspect that we'll be pretty jet lagged and pooped from the wedding during our short time in HK so I don't think we'll have the wherewithall to be as adventurous or dedicated to our dining as we might otherwise be if it were a longer trip. I really appreciate your suggestions and I'm sure we'll try at least one of them. To answer Sher's questions, only recently have I had more authentic Chinese meals. My fiancee's father is remarried to a woman from China and they have taken us to restaurants in Flushing, Queens (an area of NY saturated with Chinese immigrants) that are quite different from and better than the "General Tsos chicken"-type Chinese restaurants I previously visited. Thanks again!

              1. re: mla19

                i really can't help you if you won't give me more data to work with:

                stick to chinese/cantonese because you can get everything else in nyc agree?
                but you don't feel like eating chinese, so only cantonese?
                you don't want "hole in the walls" but you might just eat lunch at whatever's nearby?
                if you've read the my earlier post, which restaurants are you interested in?


        2. re: mikey8811

          Some Bali address links:

          Bebek Bengil (Dirty Duck Diner)
          Jalan Hanoman Ubud Bali

          La Lucciola
          Jalan Petitenget Kuta Bali

          Made's Warung II
          Jalan Raya Seminyak Kuta Bali


          1. re: mikey8811

            This really should be on the Greater Asia board, but... I just got back from a few days in Bali and revisited a few of my favorite places, including Mozaic and Ibu Oka. Here are the posts from my blog:

            Chris Salans did time with Keller and Bouley. He's the owner and chef at Mozaic. I still think that the restaurant offers very good value for money.

            For local food I would do Ketupat in Kuta, Bebek Bengil (Dirty Duck) in Ubud, and Made's Warung.

            1. re: Peech

              Peech, you should start a new thread on the Greater Asia board on Bali dining. There are hardly any Indon-based CHs!

              1. re: klyeoh

                Actually I decided to continue an old thread on Bali... all the places I've been are the usual suspects for foreigners...we need new ideas!

          2. Chili Garlic Prawns on one of the boats in the harbor.......take me!!