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Mar 22, 2009 07:39 AM

Authentic eating on the Lake

We'll be in the Lake George/Saratoga area in May and would love to find a restaurant with authentic food and atmosphere. We travel without kids and try to immerse ourselves in the culture and atmosphere of the places we travel. Any suggestions?

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  1. The Griss Mill. Was one of the best meals we had several years ago. Made out of a mill and parts still there.

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      I think you might be thinking of the Grist Mill in Warrensburg (few exits up the Northway from Lake George). It is definitely one of my favorite restaurants. It isn't on the lake though. It sits right on top of the Schroon River and has a screened in porch you can dine in and listen to the water rush by. Upper dining room is quieter but still has wonderful views of the river. I've never been disappointed in a meal there.

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        Thank you for both the correction and the confermation.

    2. One of the most popular "on the lake" restaurants is the Algonquin in Bolton Landing. You can't beat the view overlooking Lake George and the docks where the local boaters pull up to grab a bite to eat or a cocktail, but the food is definitely lacking. Sandwiches and burgers for lunch are ok, but the dinners are not great and way too expensive! Stop by there for a cocktail and some entertainment (novice boaters attempting to dock . . . thank goodness for the dock "boys").

      We had a few delicious meals at the Blue Water Manor, about 6 miles North of Lake George on Rte. 9. It isn't an elegant dining room, but wonderful views overlooking the lake with an upper deck and an open air covered lower deck. If the get the same chef back this year, I would recommend it for either dinner or lunch.

      Let us know how you make out.

      1. The Grist Mill is definitely a good suggestion. While I agree the Algonquin is good people-watching, I really don't like the restaurant anymore - good views though, and if you can go for lunch you are probably better off. May can be tough - some of the seasonal places may not be open yet. The Sagamore Resort in Bolton Landing has a very nice restaurant - I haven't been in a couple of years though and they've done some major changes. Beautiful locale though and you can wander the resort for some great views. Their cruise ship (the Morgan) also does dinner cruises that are very nice and a good way to see part of the lake, but I don't know if they will do it that early. I've heard mixed reviews about the food at Erlowest on the lake, but it's a beautiful site. If you like German, Pumpernickel's in Bolton Landing is good and kind of fun - they have a good beer selection. For a throwback to "old" Lake George, the Ridge Terrace Restaurant on the east side of the lake is good and very old fashioned. If you need smoked meats for any reason, Oscar's in Warrensburg is fantastic.

        In Saratoga, the only place I know well enough to recommend is Mrs. London's bakery/cafe. Fabulous french pastries, quiche, etc. Was written up in Saveur a couple of years ago - we stop by to get quiche and croissants to go to take home - incredible.

        All of that said - haven't been up there yet this year, so who knows what changes have taken place over the winter. But I'm sure there will be more suggestions!

        1. So many places in Saratoga proper but non left on the lake anymore. There are some divish places on the stillwater side of the lake but none that I would recommend. My favorite place in Saratoga is still Chianti, I like the Wine Bar and have been having good food at Wheatfields again for some reason.....

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            I have had some very good food at The Bayshore Tropic Hut on Saratoga Lake. Friendly service, reasonable prices, and there is often live music on the weekends. They are a seasonal location so check that they are open first. Not fine dining, but casual fare that is well done.

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              Tony, I've been there too but chow worthy??? Good drinks and pub food though...can't beat the location...

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                I would say "yes" to chow worthy as the items they do, they do well including a New England clam chowder that was on par with any I've had anywhere, including Boston ! Again, certainly not candlelit/white linen/ sommelier/$30 entrees but there are times when a great burger and an iced cold beer can't be beat! John, the owner, is a real nice guy as well.