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Mar 22, 2009 07:11 AM

searching for whereabouts of "L&V" little mex. take-out in Albuquerque from early 70's..??

You haven't tasted the ultimate in New Mexican/Mexican food unless you were lucky enough to have eaten at the little take-out place called "L&V" down by the Rio Grande. The chile rellenos especially, were the thinnest crusted, most amazing things I have ever eaten. Nothing has come close..anywhere, since. I believe they had a fire (once again we're talking early 70's??) and being from the east coast now, I lost track of them. Does anybody know what happened to these wonderful people (great family run place). Does anybody know the place I'm talking about?? Thought I'd try....

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  1. Nope. But remember Okie Joe's?

    1. I would kill to find this place again. As you say, they made the best chile rellenos I've ever had. But everything they did was phenomenal - the fresh made tortillas, sopapillas, green chile - sigh..... If anyone knows anything, I'd love to hear!

      1. We moved to Albuquerque in 1970 and unfortunately I never heard of this place-- it sounds wonderful!

        I can tell you tha two of our current favorite Mexican places here are Padilla's Mexican Kitchen at 1510 Girard, NE, just south of Indian School Road. Unfortunately it's not open on the weekends. The other is Monroe's Restaurant which has two locations. One's near old town/downtown at 1520 Lomas Blvd., NW and the other is in the heights at 6051 Osuna NE, between San Mateo and San Pedro. You might try them and see if they come close.

        1. Man, I wish I knew. I lived in Albuquerque from '74 to '75. I don't remember a fire at that time but they moved from downtown (on Central Ave, I think) to a location close to the river but further south. If I recall L&V were pretty old at that time, so unless someone else in the family picked up the torch, all may be lost to those of us lucky enough to have experienced those chile rellenos. Truly incredible. To this day I will still order poppers if they are on a restaurant menu just to bring back the memory but they rarely come close. Please let us know of any updates.