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Mar 22, 2009 06:47 AM


I bought some yesterday and while looking for recipes, I saw postings basically calling it the food version of the diet aid Alli- it causes embarrassing side effects! The warning was not to eat more than a few ounces at a time and not to feed it to people you like! Yikes! Whats up with this?

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  1. True, true, very true. I could say a lot of things, but this says it all:

    1. I worked in a restaurant where we served escolar regularly. I find it delicious, and always heard the recommendation to be not to eat more than a 6 ounce portion in one sitting. It's good either as sashimi or cooked. That said, from the response from LOTS of guests/staff at the restaurant, it seemed that a handful of people were more likely to have that unpleasant reaction, whereas many could probably eat as much as they wanted with no problems.

      Anyways, for my two cents, I wouldn't let the dire warnings scare you off too quickly... maybe try eating just a little and see how it goes? Have you ever ordered white tuna at sushi? As far as I know white tuna/escolar are the same...

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        wish i read this before pan-frying a large quantity of escolar and eating it at one in the morning. a friend of mine brought it over, claiming it was her "favorite fish" and that it was "really difficult to find."
        she has eaten it many times and has never had a reaction. however, my roommate and i have been suffering for 2 days. beware of escolar.

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          White Tuna at sushi restaurants is indeed escolar. It is my favorite fish... either as sushi/sashimi or lightly seared. I am one of the lucky ones I guess, I never have had any bad reactions from the so called "Ex-Lax" fish.

          If you have a Super Q Mart international market in your neck of the woods - they have sashimi quality escolar frozen for $10/pound.

        2. Both Mrs. O and I loved it while we were eating it, not so much the, um, greasy undergarments... kinda like those warnings about Olestra.

          1. It doesn't bother me, I simply dislike the texture.

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              When we had it, it was a featured special at Whole Foods along with some kind of interesting sauce in a jar - arugula pesto or some such. Of course I got a big piece of fish, and with the sauce the oiliness was not so noticeable. At least not then... I frankly don't remember that much about the texture. Call it "blocking"...