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Z Robata on Wilshire in WLA now "Bar Food"

Rode by this morning on my bicycle very early and noticed that the old Z Robata adjacent to Amadine Bakery - just west of Bundy (which someone recently reported to have closed) has reopened with a big sign that says "Bar Food" (hopefully that is not its actual name) and "Grand Opening" and something on there about "free hot dogs" too. Anyone have any more detailed information information?

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  1. I saw this too. It looked kind of sad to me. I got the vibe they're trying to get rid of their food before folding the place for good, but I missed the "Grand Opening" sign. Frankly, I'd prefer to see a serious coffee house like Funnel Mill move into the space now that Cafe Balcony down on Santa Monica Blvd has closed.

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      I just drove by this weekend and noticed that Balcony had closed. So sad. I really liked that place and they had free wifi...

    2. Yes, it's open. Everything's under $10, with 12 beers on tap. Wine & beer only for now. Some posts on Eater LA say it's decent, but still working out kinks. Will let you know next time I can go.

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        Thanks for the update. What is the actual name of the place?

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            Another ungoogleable name. Idiots.

        1. Any further reports on Bar Food? This place is getting really high ratings on other websites, though it's hard to tell how much of the enthusiasm is genuine...

          1. Had dinner with friends earlier tonight and a couple of them were talking about this place and said that the food is going to be done/is being done by a classically trained chef who previously cooked very high end stuff and has decided to elevate typical bar food to a tastier and wonderful level. Sort of like what Father's Office has done with burgers and fries. Sounds good to me!

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              If anyone can link a menu I'd be interested. As Servorg notes, Bar Food is not going to come up on google...

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                Just back from my morning (middle of the night?) bike ride and I noticed that they still have their old Z Robata sign up on the roof - so if you're driving along Wilshire that would be the sign that you would see first from a distance. Still haven't gotten here to eat as yet.

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                  Just clicked on your screenname and see the logo -- wonder if maybe you went to the show sat eve at the forum. email me. noshtp@aol.com

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                    Gave it all up in my well spent youth. If I am ever in the Bar Food area when they are open for business I will try and drop in to take a look at their menu (or to get a to-go paper one if they have them).

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                        Thanks so much, wilafur. Now we will have to make this a stop this week and give the food the "taste test" and report back. Very fair prices (assuming the portions aren't "nano" scale).

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                          If and when you, would you please check to see if they have any tvs for watching games? I'd love to find someplace with better food than South to watch the playoffs with friends.

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                            Will do. But you gotta figure with that name they'll have T.V.'s for sports. lol

            2. Anyone know when their contest ends, and they officially have a permanent name?

              1. I'm a fan! I went there last night and even though the name "Bar Food" is a little strange, as bar food goes, it was a cut above normal. The burger was spectacular and I will be going back for another one. Juicy, not overcooked, and great flavor. I also ordered the potato puffs just cuz I thought they were tator tots (which if you've been to Big Wangs, you know what I'm talkin' about:) The potato puffs turned out to be deep fried mashed potatoes (which blew my mind) and just melt in your mouth. So far it seems like the chef knows his stuff. The ambiance is very chill just like Z Robata was, and I can already see this place taking business from Q's and Cabo when people don't want to deal with the jackassery of other bars and crowds of drunken yahoos headbutting each other. It's good stuff, so check it out!

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                    Yup. I remember a handful of flatscreens around the bar area.