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Mar 22, 2009 05:47 AM

Joan & Ed's Natick

Stay away! This is not a deli. It's not much of restaurant either. We started off with a chicken soup. It was so salty and cold that we returned it. The waitress replaced it with matzoh ball soup. The balls were clearly from a mix. My grandma would be horrified if she ate those. We returned that soup too. Next, to be "safe" we ordered a burger and fries. Sorry to say, it was cold and nothing special. Not much better than McD's. We also ordered a garden salad - wilted and no vegetables - only some nasty peppers. We also had kasha varnishkas, which should have been a house speciaity - if you call yourself a deli. The kasha was bland, not a mushroom in site, NO ONIONS - noodles and plain buckwheat.

We happened to bump into an older couple from the old country on our way out. They were walking out after having sat down a few minutes earlier b/c the waitress would not substitute lean corned beef with x-lean on the menu! They even offered to pay the difference.

All in all this place is horrible. Never going again.

Where were Joan and Ed?

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  1. I've always enjoyed the rubens and chicken soup at Joan and Ed's. Sounds like you were expecting a NY style deli, which you will NOT find here. And the burgerand fries are not even close to Mickey D's...

    1. How is ordering a burger and fries from a deli "playing is safe"?

      Joan and Ed's is not a great deli, but it's not bad compared to much of the deli we have in this area.

      That said, I agree with your conclusion about not going back. You had a horrible experience and should not go back. I'd be surprised if I've been in the last five years, but if I got a hankering for a reuben in the area, I'd give them another try.

      1. Too bad you had a lousy experience. I've always loved the tuna and chicken salads at Joan and Ed's. And the desserts, especially the apple streudel cheesecake, are really excellent. Latkes and whitefish salad are pretty good, too.

        The service can definitely be spotty. Joan is usually around working the front on weekends. Not sure about Ed - I've seen him come out of the kitchen on a few occasions.

        1. This is a coincidence. Yesterday, for the first time, I stopped in for some soup. I was working in the area and felt like some matzoh ball soup. I thought the soup was a bit salty too. It wasn't too bad, but I don't like salt to begin with. It was edible. The matzoh ball was light and fluffy. It had a lemony taste. I would have preferred it without the lemony taste but it was very fluffy. I don't think it was from a mix. i also ordered a pastrami on a bulkie. I thought that was excellent! I have 1/2 of it waiting in my fridge to be eaten today. I loved the half sours too.

          1. I couldn't agree with you more! These people are not focused on delivering value, service, or good food to anyone, and when you complain you get something like the following: "If you don't like it, then you can leave!" I heard this same nonsense more than once there, so have not been back in years... and while I wish there were a good deli to go to in metrowest, I will do without if it means patronizing these singularly unpleasant people! They have missed out on literally thousands of dollars of my eating budget - are you hearing me, management at Joan & Ed's? ...You Lose!!