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Mar 22, 2009 02:51 AM

Is your counter height right for you?

My knife handle kept bumping into the bottom of my arm, or sliding into my sleeve. I thought it was the knife, as I moved into a new place around the same time that I bought the knife.

It turns out that my counter is just too high for me.

I never thought that it was something I had to check for!

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  1. Yes, counter height makes a big difference. If I am doing any real cooking I always wear clogs. The extra height helps.

    1. My counter is too high, and my new cooktop is even higher. Sometimes, when I'm cooking something in a tall pot, or cooking on the back burners, I bring a step stool over.

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        I would hate to use a step stool while leaning over the stove. There has to be a better way.

      2. I'm very short (5'2"). When we just redid our kitchen I had an opportunity to have the cabinet height adjusted. I didn't want to go too low in the kitchen proper 'cause we're nearing retirement and will want the house/kitchen to be resaleable in a few years but I was able to shave some off the working counters.

        The good/great news tho, is that we set aside an area in the pantry for baking and did a counter at baking height and it's fabulous!

        If you can have one spot scaled down to a height that's actually comfortable for you, you'll find that you really enjoy it. Failing that, I always found working on a table more comfortable than working at my counters for a long time.

        1. I have found the opposite problem. Standard height counters are just a touch too low for me and I have to slightly stoop over. It doesn't take long before my back starts to ache. A 2" thick maple cutting board solved the problem.

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