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Mar 21, 2009 08:42 PM

Best Thai Food In Asheville,NC

I just found a very good Thai restaurant in Asheville,NC . Tamarind Restaurant is excellent! I had Pad Thai and it was the best I had since I move to NC. 10 years ago. And I love their curry, specially Red curry. It wasn't too watery and very tasty. The restaurant is very nice and pretty decoration, the only draw back is little too dark even during the day. I'm sure we will go back again.

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  1. What about Little Bee Thai in Arden? I've heard good things about their food. I know it's takeout though, which may be a problem for some.

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      Little Bee Thai in Arden is excellent, and truly authentic. The menu is a little limited right now but they will take special orders and they plan to add some classics like barbecued chicken (kai yang) and papaya salad (som tam) when the weather is a tad warmer. Prices are CHEAP! They are located inside an Exxon gas station at 3101 Sweeten Creek Rd. and are open Mon-Sat 1130-2000. They do have two small tables inside and a couple more outside so are not strictly carry-out though that is the majority of their business. I asked them if they had any plans to get bigger and open a real restaurant and was told that they had no such plans because they felt that would impact on the way they cook. In the rather small operation they have now everything can be done fresh. My belief is that right now Little Bee is turning out the nest Thai food in the whole Asheville area.

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        I am so stoked to check this place out since in my opinion the Thai joints in Avl are overpriced and average at best..

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          It's all new and improved now: bigger menu; more tables...

          Get ready, get set, GO!
          !. Peruse

          2. Call in order (try some of this & that--it's very inexpensive!


          3. Pick up and eat in or take out... and

          4. Rinse & repeat

        2. re: Leepa

          This place is amazing. For once I actually got SPICY Thai in Asheville. I had to reassure them a couple times that I "could take it", but once they were convinced, I was not dissapointed!

          The Basil dish and the spicy noodle dish are incredible. The wife is in love with the Cashew dish.

          Be ahead or be ready to to wait ~45 minutes! They truly make everything from scratch and to order. So, if there's an order ahead of yours, it's going to be a while. This is most certainly not a knock, it's more a compliment to their attention to quality.

        3. Thai Cafe in Durham, off of 15/501 where University Drive splits from Durham-Chapel Hill Blvd, was always one of my favorites when I lived in the area. Their Nam Sod is excellent (I always asked for it made with ground chicken, and they were happy to oblige) - great combination of northeastern Thai flavors, and even includes the ground toasted rice - and my Thai friend always liked their Nam Tok. All of their specials were out of this world, and well worth the cost.

          If there's anything I miss, though, it's their coconut cake - very moist yet light, with a very good whipped cream coconut frosting. If you like it and get the recipe, I'd make it for my wedding cake this summer!

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            A little far to go for lunch though....

            1. re: Leepa

              If you were crawling on your hands and knees from Burnsville it would be well worth the trip!

              They have recently added fresh fish to the menu. "Fresh" unlike anywhere else in AVL. Superb!

              1. re: TrooFoodie

                Crawling on my hands and knees from Burnsville all the way to Durham? I don't think so.

                Now, if I had a two hour lunch hour, then Little Bee Thai might be on my list. But, given traffic, I can't get from my work on the north end to their location and back in an hour. Much less order and wait for the food. I'd love to though.