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Market Restaurant in Vancouver Shangri-La Hotel

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Has anyone experienced the food in Jean Georges new restaurant in the Shangri-La
Hotel. There is a Lunch offering called "Two Plates and Dessert " for $28.00 and it
was recommended to me.

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  1. Not me personally...a couple on this forum have...perhaps they will chime in soon. It has been getting rave reports from nearly everyone.

      1. It's a very good deal and good food as well. But I was told it only applies to the restaurant section, and reservations were needed when I went. Luckily, the bartender was nice to let me have the lunch special at the bar.

        1. I went a couple of weeks ago - loved it and I'm dying to go back. Have the butternut squash soup...it was sublime. Sadly they don't offer lunch on the weekend, only weekdays. It was the best meal I've had in months. GO!!!

          1. I've been for lunch three times now.

            Although the room and feel is a little, "soul-less" (for lack of a better word), the food is really really good and the lunch deal is a ridiculously good deal. I think it trumps the usual business lunch places downtown pretty badly (Joe Fortes, Italian Kitchen, etc).

            I've sat at the bar twice now for lunch with no problems.

            1. Ummm, a $28 lunch is a good deal? Does it include four lunches? :P

              I walk past Shangri-La every day on my way to work and I've always wondered how the other half of the world lives. I consider the $1.50 onigiri at Konbiniya on Robson to be the real good deal! Two of those and I'm good for lunch! I like the cod roe ones...

              It boggles my mind to see phrases like "good deal", "reasonably priced" and "surprisingly affordable" being used to describe this place. If I spent $28 on lunch and got "meh", it'd KILL ME inside. And getting crappy service just puts salt on the wound. Is it because I don't make $100K a year?

              Someone please help me make sense of all this! How much should their lunch really cost?

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                <<a $28 lunch is a good deal? Does it include four lunches?>>


                My thoughts exactly-that's not a bargain anywhere in this town it's an excuse for someone to dispose of 'unneeded' cash (!)

                The more urban a place becomes the larger the number of people who equate high prices with quality.

                I've seen this over & over & over-look at the dorks paying $6 more a pound for live prawns in False Creek than what they sell for in Chinatown because the FC vendor has organic in his business name.

                PS-I love Cod Roe!

              2. My wife and I had the lunch special just the other day and it was....well....OK.

                The food was good enough but not really all that interesting. No texture. No zing. Kind of like elevator music you know?

                The service was ho hum. The server himself was OK but missed here and there which I would forgive if he had any personality at all.

                I'd give it a thumbs down because I wouldn't go back. I should have gone to DB Bistro.