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Mar 21, 2009 08:35 PM

Munich: Good Food, Good Prices?

I'll be spending two days in Munich at the end of May, and am looking for some restaurant recommendations. My parameters are: 1) Excellent food within my price range, if possible (good food if excellent is not possible); 2) around 25 Euros or so per person for dinner, and/or around 15 Euros a person for lunch (price ranges are with a glass of beer, not a bottle of wine); 3) Near a U-Bahn stop, since I will not have a car.

I am fine with street carts, cafes, pubs, general locals' places. Fancy and stuffy is not my scene. I've not really had German food, but I'm game for anything except organ meats, marrow, or really fishy fish. Sausages are fine, as would be pork loins, weinerschnitzels, or anything authentically German. Foreign foods are also fine. I'm arriving at about noon on Sunday, and leaving around 4 pm on Monday, if that is a consideration.

A search turned up a recommendation for the Weisses Bräuhaus. Is that recommended here? Anything else?

Anyone have a recommendation of a "don't miss" place within those parameters?

TIA for any help.

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  1. Sunday, afternoon (weather permitting): walk Englischer Garten,. Seehaus and/or Chinesischer Turm
    Sunday dinner: Weisses Bräuhaus (sidestep to Hofbräuhaus)
    Monday, breakfast: Cafe Münchner Freiheit
    Monday, lunch: walk on and around Viktualienmarkt -
    (After all, 24 hours make one day, not two ...)

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      Monday pastry-wise, another option could be Cafe Arzmiller in the courtyard next to the Theatinerkirche. It seems to be a very traditional place despite the proximity to touristy stuff (lots of little old bavarian ladies on Sundays), the cakes are very good and they have a nice outdoor courtyard when the weather cooperates. Then you are only about a ten minute walk to the viktualienmarkt. I would advise taking a circular route, so you burn off enough to be hungry for lunch. Lots of options at the market.

      1. re: Marc

        Thank you, Marc. My goal is to get as much in as possible, so I'll probably do lunch and dinner on Sunday, then breakfast and lunch on Monday. Any recommendations on what to get at Cafe Münchner Freiheit and Viktualienmarkt?

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          Marc -- The Weisses Brauhaus was always our annual go-to place (and still is for beer and weissewurst) but last October we were hughly disappointed in the food which we (and some locals we talked with also) thought had gone badly downhill. As in, I had a meal that was nearly inedible and my husbands, while better, was just okay. And most of the wonderful items October game items previously offered at that time of year were lacking.

          Is it back up to par? We ended up switching our allegiance to Der Pschorr, which we enjoyed quite a lot.

        2. Even though you probably read my broken record reviews if you are like me, once you taste the delectable traditional food at Weisses Brauhaus, you will go back for your second meal there too. Order the "young pork breast" - for EU9, comes with traditional accompaniments. An incredible bargain.

          Marc is one of your best resources for Munich. I never would have picked our restaurants without his very seasoned help.

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          1. re: glbtrtr

            "if you are like me, once you taste the delectable traditional food at Weisses Brauhaus, you will go back for your second meal there too."

            Though I do want to taste a variety of the food offerings in Munich. I am planning on ordering the pork breast, beer, and the other accompaniments at Weisses Brauhaus.

            Thank you to both glbtrtr and Behemoth for taking the time to answer my question.

            1. re: glbtrtr

              I just realized that I don't know how to order "young pork breast" in German. Will they understand it if I ask in English?

              1. re: Hoc

                Ask for the English menu. You can view the Weisses Brauhaus menu online in English - good to take a look at it because there are other pork dishes and the one you want is the "roast pork breast". (More like pork belly, than sliced port roast from other parts of the pig.

                Here is the link, and click the British flag at the top for their English pdf file: it is item #213 - called their Schneider Aventus "beer roast" for all of EU 9,50. This is an all time bargain.

                1. re: glbtrtr

                  I looked at their website, but their only menus seem to be in German. There's no British flag in my browser (Internet Explorer). But I can clearly order #213, or the Schneider Aventus beer roast. Thank you.

            2. I just tried Zum Sadlmayer @ Westenriederstr. 14. Great Bavarian cuisine at very reasonable prices. Most dishes were 8-12 Euros.

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