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Mar 21, 2009 08:23 PM

Chinese in Silver Spring

Going to a film tomorrow afternoon in Silver Spring at the AFI. Any recommendations for a Chinese restaurant for dinner after movie?

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  1. There are some good ethnic dining options in downtown Silver Spring, but Chinese isn't one of them.

    Get in the car and drive 10 minutes up Georgia Avenue to Wheaton, where you'll find a good selection of Chinese. My favorite is Hollywood East.

    1. Oriental East is a few blocks away at 1290 East West Highway. Very good dim sum, but I have not tried their regular menu.

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        If location is a concern, walk directly across the street to the small Thai place - Thai Flavor. I have not tried it yet (hey, it's on the same block as Ray's the Classics!), but it's getting very good reviews from people whose taste I trust:

        Here's a link to their website:

      2. I have to second Wheaton as they have authentic Chinese there in most of the established places. The one I go to twice a week is Full Key. Nice little Cantonese place with roasted meats hanging on the counter. As for downtown, if you don't mind Vietnamese, the Vietnamese place in the mall (above Eggspectation) has some of the best vietnamese rice dishes I've you don't have to make the long hike.