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Mar 21, 2009 07:29 PM

El Bajío's new web site

I just explored the web site of Mexico City's famed Restaurante El Bajío. It's SO much more informative and graphically attractive than its predecessor. I recommend that aficionados of the best traditional Mexican cooking take a look: .

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  1. The pictures of the food are excellent and the menus look great (though I would have preferred to know prices--and the wine list is rather limited and pedestrian, though quite adequate). But I did NOT like the layout of the website. I must be having a "stupid day" because when I clicked on Menú and then clicked on Menú de Alimentos, no menu appeared. Finally, I noticed the little icon (arrastre aqui--drag here) at the bottom right of the page. Well, fine, I thought, but just what am I supposed to drag there? (Or if I was supposed to drag the icon itself someplace, where and why?) After much worrying and fiddling I finally figured it out. But what an unnecessary and silly procedure to go through to "turn the pages" of an on-line menu. That's pretentious and cutesy and certainly not user friendly: The product of a web designer who wants to show off all the "neat stuff" he knows how to do.

    But thanks for the link and I'll pass it along to our friends who frequently visit Mexico. And the next time we're in DF we'll certainly check out the restaurant(s) no matter what the prices are.

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      I agree with your comments about the "cutesy" tricks of the web designer. It's quite typical, as we've discussed elsewhere, of Mexican hospitality web sites.

      But at least it has locations and photos of the branches, and a menu of specialties, even if you have to drag it to open it.

      The previous site was paltry, and the few photos unattractive and did not do justice to the cuisine.