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Mar 21, 2009 07:26 PM

Authentic Mexican in Miami

I will be in Miami the weekend of April 3rd meeting up with a friend, and i am looking for an authentic Mexican restaurant (non chain) to take him to. Up here in Tampa area I now of two such restaurants...Toro Negro (black bull ) in pinellas park and Pancho villa in Dade city. And recently Tacos + on Land o lakes blvd...
Any good ones in Miami?

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  1. Authentic Mexican is not exactly a strong suit in Miami by any means and I'm not exactly sure why that would be your chosen cuisine, but in any event ...
    Here's a "Best Mexican in Miami" thread that may be of help ->

    Frankly I think there's some not-so-great advice in some of that thread. The most authentic I've had in Miami is the Orale taco truck which is probably not exactly what you have in mind. The others from that thread I'd note would be Cheen Huaye in North Miami Beach (notwithstanding some bashing on that thread I have only had good freshly prepared food there with a genuine Yucatan bent) and Mi Rinconcito on 8th Street (I have not been but is recommended by multiple sources I generally trust).

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      to support Frod's reference to Orale taco truck, this was posted on

    2. Mi Rinconcito Mexicano at 1961 SW 8th St is the way to go.


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        I still vote for Mi Rinconcito over Orale taco "cart"

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          Another vote for Mi Rinconcito Mexicano. My second runner up would probably be the Orale truck or Taqueria El Mexicano

        2. I am from the carribean and the closest we came to authetic mexican was taco bell. So when i got here i started to eat at the local mexican joints here in Tampa and thought that was authetic....well I had to work in Mexico fir a month and when ihad the food there I realize what authentic meant. Its only in the last 3 years that i have found some place in Tampa that are close enought to what I had back in mexico.
          So to try to answer ur question...authetic would be home made sauces..preferably a variety of them...home made tortillas..etc etc.

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              Chapultapec can be hit or miss. The Chile rellenos are fantastic, the pastor is way strange. Tastes like canned pineapples with a dusting of chile. Ugh! The atmosphere can also be pretty strange, if you show up later, it turns into a niteclub. Muy autenico!

          1. If you are willing to drive a little north of Miami I would recommend Chapultepac. Link to menu is below.

            Chapultepec Mexican Bar
            23 NW 2nd Ave, Hallandale Beach, FL 33009

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              I am partial to El Toro Taco down in Homestead and literally across the street from City Hall and Police Station. Do not step into Rosa Mexicana, nowhere near authentic.

              It's a dive, I love it, and it is BYOB.

              El Toro Taco
              1 S Krome Ave, Homestead, FL 33030

              1. re: jmdhsmiami

                I'm sorry, I just had to jump in and say that there is nothing authentic about Toro Taco. I've had better Mexican at Taco Bell.

                1. re: 2top

                  you have clearly stated your distaste for Toro Taco, but what do you suggest then? Throw out a negative, give me an alternative then.

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                    Taqueria Doña Raquel 793 S. Dixie Hwy. Pompano Beach is the real thing. Recently I tasted a dish of Cochinita Pibil at Burritos Grill Cafe 11707 Biscayne Blvd. and I loved it. Yucatan style is my favorite.

                2. re: jmdhsmiami

                  If you're traveling to Homestead, El Toro is can be on the rather bland an uninspired side....but folks LOVE the BYOB can be loud, rowdy and unruly there at times.....if you're down that way you'll want to stop in NicaMex which is about 100 yards or less from El Toro....low key...very good food....owner appreciates the business.....Or if you're a couple of miles down south in Florida City.....Rosita's is pretty decent and also a better choice over El Toro.....


                  1. re: LargeLife

                    I'd throw in Puerta Vallarta on US-1 over Toro Taco

              2. Really good Mexican is hard to come by in South Florida... but when I'm in South Beach I have to stop at Lime on Alton Road in the 1400 block. Simple tacos, excellent burritos and 6 homemade fresh salsas and sauces which are excellent.

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                  despite eating at lime more often than i would like to admit, it is not very good at all. sometimes, the stars align and they can produce a decent burrito, but overall, i think they suck. they did get me through my regular burrito fix when i lived around the corner but i could never recommend it to anyone nor would i ever bring any friends from out of town there. all the burritos i have had in florida suck. but i am extremely biased based on my extensive 'research' and experience with burritos in the san francisco bay area. anyhow....

                  i finally got to eating at the Orale taco stand and i have to concur with the general consensus... these are real tacos and they are good. slightly over priced, but worth it for the authenticity. i only had the carnitas (yummmm) and the al pastor (good but not as good as the carnitas.... not to into the pina flavor.) whatever the case, i will definitely hit that spot up again when in the hood or in need of a quick fix.

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                    Is the truck still off of Douglas on the weekends? We've passed by a couple of times with no luck.