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Mar 21, 2009 06:36 PM

Fairway opening this Wednesday in Paramus!

I just found out that a Fairway will be opening in Paramus near the Lord & Taylor and Paramus Park Mall. Will have affordably priced kosher meat and the usual excellent Fairway selection of cheeses, etc. This is great for Northern NJ Kosher enthusiasts and foodies in general. Can't wait.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Between the new Fairway and the new Shoprite on Rt 4, we should be all set!

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        1. re: ilovemooshoo

          I wish we had a Shoprite in the 5 towns :(

          1. re: ilovemooshoo

            The Shoprite itself is not new. What is new is that they now have a sizable butcher shop on the premises along with a kosher fish department

        2. Does anyone feel this is a mark of shame that instead to support Frum families who own a few grocery stores in the Teaneck area now we spend money on gas to supposedly save a few coins.

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          1. re: Adamster

            I don't see how the two points connect. Fairway (at least the one in Red Hook) has many kosher items that the local grocery stores don't stock. Many of their kosher house-brand items are delicious, if not more expensive, than what I can get at a local kosher grocery. I go to both types of stores and for a reason.

            1. re: Adamster

              It's a matter of selection, not price. The analog for me was living on the Upper West Side, I chose to go to Fairway for some things and Kosher Marketplace for others.

              1. re: Adamster

                the fairway ad has some great deals-roast for $8.99/lb, $5.99/lb for a silver tip roast; 8 piece chicken $1.99 and more

                1. re: Adamster

                  Adamster, the prices at your local grocery for meat and chicken are through the roof. I understand that these people need to make a living, but the rest of us need to buy our chicken and meat more cheaply. If Fairway provides that (healthy competition) , then that's what the market demands. I am not running a Chesed operation when I am out trying to buy a package of chicken bottoms for Shabbos. In Queens and Brooklyn, the competition is keeping the prices down below Monsey and Teaneck. None of us should have to pay this much. Not to mention that Fairway is a wonderful store filled with gourmet foods and a wider variety of produce. That's something no one else is currently offering.

                  1. re: Adamster

                    The prices in Teaneck are absurd. This is a large enough community to support competition, yet all of our Kosher butchers charge $5.99 and up for a pound of chicken cutlets. I understand why they'd be cheaper in a place like Lakewood ($3.59/lb) but why they are cheaper in the Five Towns is just beyond understanding.
                    I, for one, am glad that our local stores will now have some national competition. No, I'm not going to run to the highway to buy a few things, but I will definitely go to those stores to stock up.

                    1. re: Adamster

                      1) Many in Teaneck have been traveling to Monsey, Brooklyn or Long Island to buy kosher meat. The prices in Teaneck are not competitive. It's not just a matter of "a few coins."

                      2) The Teaneck kosher stores aren't always open when you need them. Fairway and Shop Rite are open until 11 pm every night.

                      3) Kosher meat and poultry in Teaneck often isn't fresh.

                      Why should we settle for inferior service, pricing and products because that's all we have in town? The local stores could increase their share of the market by making improvements in these areas.

                      1. re: morris

                        just came back

                        Very very busy and hard to get around-that is what happens when you go opening day. the kosher meat case was pretty full (they had organic chicken) but a group of us stood by the entrance to the meat area (near the traif sausages) and got whole chickens, chicken breasts and briskets there. Those were items mentioned in the floier. They did not have any silver tip roasts today. They have a nice cheese selection of imported cheese like brie, raclette, fin fou, cabot OU, english cheeses for $3.99 each as well as 5 spoke cheeses. In the front of aisle 12 is a kosher section too and that's where they had the le petite fermier grated cheese on sale. Very busy so did not get to look for regular groceries and such. Plan to revisit sometime in the future, In the same mall is TJ Maxx where I usually can find kosher food products too like jelly belly

                        1. re: koshergourmetmart

                          I also just got back - the place is completely insane. I was a little dissappointed with the baked goods - it seems most of them are NOT under hashgacha, unlike the Manhattan stores.

                    2. OMG I went to the new Fairway today and it was a madhouse! It was impossibly difficult to get parking and the store was so full I ended up leaving without buying anything! I agree with the post that the store, surprisingly, did not have a large kosher (in house) bakery section as the Manhattan store does; Also, I think the store would do well to have in-house kosher takeout department (chickens, deli, etc) As an upper west sider, I know that the Manhattan stores are always packed and are difficult to navigate because of this, but compared to other stores in the city, the selection and prices make it a no brainer: it remains "worth it" to brave the hordes and save a few dollars. I'm not sur if Northern NJ residents can say the same thing. Prices outside the city are so much lower and stores are so much easier to get to (with everyone driving from place to place) that I wonder who will "put up with" what is sure to be similar crowds of people. I think that will be interesting to see as time passes. Well, today wasn't a total waste: we got to see Governor Corzine, who was there for the opening! :)

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                      1. re: superdanni

                        i too went to fairways, and it was crazy! a few points:
                        1) the empire deli range is cut on same machines as non kosher meat- they were also under the impression that hebrew national is a kosher deli choice... obv for people keeping strictly kosher neither of these are acceptable.
                        2) i asked the manger about the baked goods. the goods made ofn premises are kosher- they were just waiting for the letter, but its under rabbi mermelstein (?)
                        3) i personally love the huge range of english chocolates!!
                        4) the range of kosher cheese is AMAZING (but expensive)

                          1. re: koshergourmetmart

                            Chocolate candies from England. Smarties, Aero etc.

                            1. re: koshergourmetmart

                              Many ex-pat Brits say their candies are much better than ours. But then again, they say Soccer is the best and eat things that are too disgusting to describe.

                              1. re: Foodtekie

                                Take it from a Fairway fan of the Harlem store: Their cheesecake will make you wish Shavuot was coming. They sell a pastrami lox from New Brunswick, Canada that is under OU and is reasonably priced.

                            2. re: marissaj

                              Is the produce as varied and plentiful as the city? I am patiently waiting for the crowds to dissipate so all the updates are nice.

                              1. re: marissaj

                                Too bad about the slicer. It's a surprise as every other Fairway, I believe, has a separate slicer.

                                1. re: marissaj

                                  Marissaj, I have been to Fairway a million times (slight exaggeration) and have never seen them cut non kosher meats on a kosher slicer or kosher meats on a non kosher slicer. In fact the slicer is clearly marked KOSHER only.

                                  1. re: Bsipper

                                    i apologise. i forgot i wrote this.. when we went about 3 or 4 weeks after we went on opening day we happened so see the general manager of all fairways stores ad told him what had occured. He was abolutely horrified and immediately went to tell the mashgiach what had occured and said he was ging to br training all the deli workers again about kashrut and how Fairways is usually extremely strict with kosher meat slicing.

                              2. I went yesterday as well, and then went immediate to Shoprite to recuperate. It was a mad house -- hopefully that will subside in a few weeks. The crazy chicken prices are only good through today -- and after the chicken scandel in Monsey I need to hear from my reliable sources that Rabbi Marmelstein's hechsher is OK.

                                In short (or long). Maybe I'd go to Fairway for a super-specialty item (like special cheeses for Shavuot), but Shoprite's meat prices are pretty much comparable and they have better prices on generic grocery items. It's not worth the extra schlep for me.

                                As for the local butchers in Teaneck, as long as we Jews are good at procrastinating (like posting to Chowhound on Friday morning when I should be cooking) the local shops will be supported. Think of it as a convenience fee.

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                                1. re: vallevin

                                  his name is Rabbi Marmorstein and it is a very good hechsher

                                  1. re: vallevin

                                    Plus, I know the man who is running the kosher meat dept and he is an ehrliche person (means a lot, I'm sure, when posted anonymously, but it's the truth).

                                    1. re: vallevin

                                      Fairway is not Food Basics. But, if you want a store where the employees are knowledgible about the products and don't grunt when you ask them a question, then Fairway is for you. At Fairway you will find products that Shop Rite never carries and I am a Shop RIte fan. Moreover, if you go there in the evening, there are cashiers and baggers that provide a service, unlike Pathmark that has 1 cashier at night. If Fairway can charge less for kosher meat, more power to them. Competition is good. The prices in Teaneck are ridiculous and that is why we make large purchases in Brooklyn when we visit relatives.