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Mar 21, 2009 05:40 PM

Place to buy good tonic?

I refuse to drink Canada Dry (they won't even pretend to put sugar in, only HFCS); I subsist on Schweppes (which I know is the same company but the label says sugar/HFCS) but it is too sweet/cloying/overpowering.

BevMo in Irvine has a slot for Fever Tree tonic but never, ever have any; BevMo in Orange don't even bother. I could order it to be sent to a BevMo store but it seems stupid.

So where can I get good tonic in OC? I'd also consider candidates in Burbank and along the 5 between OC and Burbank, since I'm often in Burbank. The Westside or West Valley would cost so much to get to in gas that I could have good tonic shipped.


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  1. how far are you from Gardena? i don't know if they have Fever Tree, but this place apparently carries Q Tonic:

    FYI, i checked the Fever Tree website. in addition to BevMo, they also list WFM as a US retailer.

    ETA: Stirrings was rated the best tasting tonic by Imbibe Magazine. some of their products are available at WFM, Cost Plus, and Pier 1, so maybe check those stores near you to see if they stock the tonic.

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      WF Venice carries Fever Tree products but not their tonic (though they can order it). Not sure if the same holds for other WF markets.

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        Fever tree is our favorite. Available at most WF in LA.

      2. Hi Time in costa Mesa has both Fever Tree and Stirrings in stock, and I think they're cheaper than BevMo to boot. If you live closer to a Whole Foods, most stock Fever Tree products... but the tonic generally sells out and all that they have on the shelf tends to be club soda (contrary to popular belief all Whole Foods Markets are supposed to stock the tonic, some just reorder so infrequently that they never seem to have any... and for some reason they all stock it at floor level in some inobtrusive corner of the store).

        Call me crazy, but after trying Fever Tree, I honestly prefer Schweppes...

        1. I just saw a very good artisanal tonic water at Silverlake Wine. I can't remember the name but I tasted it a while back in NYC and it was very good. Not very sweet at all.
          Good luck!

          1. just checked my WFM here in Jersey while i was there. they have 4-packs of Q Tonic in bottles. didn't have a price on the shelf, so i can't help you there. but i noticed something else...Hansen's makes tonic, which i never knew. it's in cans, but if that's not an issue, that's another option.

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              I went to WFM in Sherman Oaks today and they only had Fever Tree Bitter Lemon. It's a smaller WFM, though.

            2. British Food Shop
              27601 Forbes Road #19
              Laguna Niguel CA 92677

              It's Sunday so I can't call to confirm, but any good British shop for expats *should* carry Schweppes "Indian Tonic Water", which is a leagues better than the garbage they sell here. If they don't, I'm sure a bit of convincing ought to get them to reconsider.

              Personally, I think Q Tonic is the tops and the others don't come close. Whole Foods carries this.

              Hansen's was a good choice (also at Whole Foods) but it doesn't taste any better than Schweppes to me. It's just not HFCS.