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Mar 21, 2009 05:13 PM

Fiesta oaxaqueña opens restaurant (Escondido)

Good news, fellow fans of Fiesta Oaxaqueña! They've opened a site outside of the swap meet! It's on Mission Ave., between on Escondido Blvd. and Broadway, on the south side of the street. It's in the small shopping center with Casa Reveles and Escondido's Lao market.
I ate at the swap meet today and spoke quite a bit with the counterwoman about the new operation. It's called El Tejate, named for a beverage that they promise to serve soon. The menu will be the same as in the swap meet, but like at the meet, some items may not be available at all times. They plan to also serve nieves (ice cream) like limon, tuna, and leche quemada. They opened yesterday, and she said they should be serving the full menu by next weekend.
Sounds like they're planning big, so let's get out there and support them!
Our lunch at FO in the meet today was the best ever. The empanada de quesillo was ethereal; I've never had anything like it. The dough melted in my mouth. The molotes were great, as were the usual tlayudas, tamal, gordita, and tacos.

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  1. That's awesome news. Thanks for the info.

    1. Ethereal.....I agree!

      I went to El Tejate today for a bite on the way up to Riverside and spoke with Lucy who strangely remembered me from 2 years ago - when we were doing are initial FO reportage.

      I just ordered the Empanada but she even added the molotes to the plate. Totopos were fried right after my order. The salsa molcajetada and verde crudo were pure shimmering examples of straightfoward salsas....wonderful.

      What is out of control is..............the beans! Her Oaxacan sieved black bean puree are flavored with roasted avocado leaf that leaves you with a haunting, addictive anise flavor paired with the earthy richness of your average turtle bean. I could sit and eat a bowl of this, easy.

      Her Molotes are way better than what I have had at San Francisco and LA area Oax restaurantes. They taste much more casera rather than contrived.

      The molotes and empanada with the texturally magnificent quesillo were blessed with this puree and above average moist queso Fresco.

      They are going to need the support of the food conscience community like ourselves to survive because their countrymen base of customers is dwindling with the economy. This is just not another Mexican restaurant - like their sign says its, "Gastronomia Oaxaquena."

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        "They are going to need the support of the food conscience community like ourselves to survive because their countrymen base of customers is dwindling with the economy."
        Chowdown, anyone?

        1. re: maestra

          Depending on the day you choose, I'd be up for it

        2. re: kare_raisu

          Supported El Tejate yesterday for late lunch (around 3pm)...first time going and was NOT disappointed. Very, very delicious and yes KR - I agree...the beans are crazy good. What a unique flavor and texture. Creamy black beans with that slight bite of licorice....the delight is as you say, "earthy richness".

          We were a group of 4 and we all shared plates of steamed tamales, chile rellenos w/ground beef & raisins swathed in fresh and flavorful tomato sauce, chicken enchiladas w/mole...but, what knocked my socks off were the shrimp tacos that were not on the menu. The server (sorry, didn't get his name - should've because his service was exemplary) recommended the shrimp tacos and he was right on with this tip. Sauteed shrimp, salsa, the beans, the crazy-good, stout corn tortillas...every bite was dripping with flavor...I inhaled mine in record time. I ordered an ice-cold horchata that was made that morning and it was cinnamony refreshing and not too sweet. Count me out if horchata is too sweet. Gosh, I hope they stay.

          Si, si, si - esta es muy Gastronomia Oaxaquena! ;)

        3. I saw the add in El Latino "Coming soon new location" and wondered what the location spot was going to be. This Sounds great. Thanks for the report Maestra.

          KR its good to see you around

          1. Not too far from the Holiday Wine Cellar (great beer store). Now I have an excuse to drive to both!

            1. Does anyone know their hours and what days they're open?

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                I forgot to ask, but we went by today (a friday for those reading this later on) before 11:00am, maybe 10:45am and they had the "open" light on ... so we went in and had early lunch:
                Empanada with yellow mole (surprisingly subtle and light considering it's a large fried object with white cheese crumbled all over the outside),
                two mole combination plates (black w chicken, red w pork) -- these come with rice and a warmer full of tortillas,
                aaand chapulines just because you just don't see insects on the menu that often in San Diego.

                It was all very good. We were the only ones there and the very nice owner/chef made us coffee, which paired beautifully with both the mole combinations. The chapulines would have been better paired with beer, and it's our fault for not drinking beer with them, but they were tasty just the same.

                The owner mentioned they plan to have actual breakfasts served at some point, and he had a lot of pastries available (my dad took some of those home), but I'm glad we could get what we got as early as it was.

                Thanks for letting us know about this place!

                1. re: jasont

                  I just went here today and grabbed a flyer which lists their hours as: Sun-Thurs 10a-8p and Fri-Sat 10a-10p.