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recent BYOB gems?

Anyone recently had a great BYOB meal in town? Could be any cuisine, any price range. Merci!

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  1. I was at the Crescent l'Academie yesterday, not as bad as I remember it. Not great, but cheap as hell.

    1. Last great BYO meal was at Le P'tit Plateau. Am still trying to figure out how chef Loivel managed to stuff a duck breast with foie gras and cook each to the precise point of perfection, the breast crispy brown on the outside, juicy rare on the inside and perfumed with the flavour of the just-beginning-to-melt foie. Yowza.

      Christophe and La Colombe were good but uneven, though on the whole I preferred the former, especially as a place to take subtle, nuanced wines.

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        I am a big fan of Christophe. Their foie gras creme brulee appetizer triggers euphoric feelings whenever I have it.

      2. I've already mentioned Zitto e mangia, the Salvadorean-Italian café (!) at the corner of Clark and St-Zotique in Petite Italie. Inexpensive. Fairly basic cuisine, but well executed. Friendly little place, family owned. Nice view onto parc de la Petite Italie et the church-condo...

        Much better than Piatto Pieno or Enrico's, in the same area.

        Zitto e Mangia. 6660 Clark, H2S #E7 514.544.9397

        1. For really nice bring your own wine try O'thym on Amherst near De maissoneuve. It's in the village. The cuisine is French. They give you soup with the meal to start. In the summer they give lemon Sorbet to cleanse the pallet. The sorbet is made with Vodka and Thyme.
          I was taken here for my birthday last year and I have been back several times...

          Appetizers are between 7-15$
          Entres- $20-30

          This is very worth it

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          1. The SO and I did the Da Enrico thing last night and we were both pleasantly surprised. She for the nostalgia of the old Da Enrico on Cremazie and De Gaspe that closed in 2000 and which her girlfriend discovered was operating on St. Zotique East, and me for the interest of discovering Italian BYOB as opposed to significantly over-priced licensed Italian restos in the neighborhood.

            Well, walked out for less than $50 all in for the Da Enrico fare, and $12 for a bottle of chilled Beringer Pinot Grogio from the local SAQ. Not your idea of a quiet, tete-a-tete dinner but the food was definitely upscale by neighborhood standards. Stracciatella and penne all'arrabiatta for me, artichokes appetizer and vitello parmagiana for the better half. We were pleasantly surprised by both the presentation and the taste, my penne arriving in a saute pan and quite arrabiatta with green scallions thrown in, and the veal served with a up-sized portion of penne as well.

            Service was quite acceptable, music subdued for the most part, conversation levels quite elevated and the owner-chef-dishwasher (Ricky) was quite entertaining. A fun place and we are returning for sure!

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              I love their vegetarian pizza, it's the best I've had in Montreal.

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                I've always enjoyed going to Da Enrico, though it is an old-school red-sauce sort of place. Yes, always a pleasant and welcoming place, and as Johny says, it is certainly most reasonable.

                There is an SAQ at the corner of Mozart and St-Laurent, and it actually has a good selection of wines in on the walls, from the south of France and other places as well as Italy.

              2. for Boyb, only 3 words come to minds:
                la quartier general!

                1. I loved Au coin Berbere on Duluth. It stunned me because i hate couscous but this was incredibly tasty, not dry and the food was plentiful.

                  I also loved that the couscous and the vegetable stew that comes with it comes in a large bowl for the entire table. Only your choice of meat comes in a individual plate. It creates more of a sharing atmosphere that i love when eating at home.

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                    Went to L'Academie on Crescent last week and was very very surprised since I had low expectations. Had a very nice chicken dish (venetion chicken - lime sauce) with veggies roasted just tender crisp the way I like them. Service was not good but it was lively and the meal was tasty.