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Mar 21, 2009 03:50 PM

recent BYOB gems?

Anyone recently had a great BYOB meal in town? Could be any cuisine, any price range. Merci!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I was at the Crescent l'Academie yesterday, not as bad as I remember it. Not great, but cheap as hell.

      1. Last great BYO meal was at Le P'tit Plateau. Am still trying to figure out how chef Loivel managed to stuff a duck breast with foie gras and cook each to the precise point of perfection, the breast crispy brown on the outside, juicy rare on the inside and perfumed with the flavour of the just-beginning-to-melt foie. Yowza.

        Christophe and La Colombe were good but uneven, though on the whole I preferred the former, especially as a place to take subtle, nuanced wines.

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          I am a big fan of Christophe. Their foie gras creme brulee appetizer triggers euphoric feelings whenever I have it.

        2. I've already mentioned Zitto e mangia, the Salvadorean-Italian café (!) at the corner of Clark and St-Zotique in Petite Italie. Inexpensive. Fairly basic cuisine, but well executed. Friendly little place, family owned. Nice view onto parc de la Petite Italie et the church-condo...

          Much better than Piatto Pieno or Enrico's, in the same area.

          Zitto e Mangia. 6660 Clark, H2S #E7 514.544.9397

          1. For really nice bring your own wine try O'thym on Amherst near De maissoneuve. It's in the village. The cuisine is French. They give you soup with the meal to start. In the summer they give lemon Sorbet to cleanse the pallet. The sorbet is made with Vodka and Thyme.
            I was taken here for my birthday last year and I have been back several times...

            Appetizers are between 7-15$
            Entres- $20-30

            This is very worth it

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