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Mar 21, 2009 03:49 PM

Interstate-80 from East New Jersey to Columbia, NJ

I'm traveling from New York City to Columbia, NJ tomorrow. Any tips for good food near I-80 that would be open on Sunday. Nothing fancy (kids are involved) -- diners, pizza, etc. are fine, but has to be open on Sunday.


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  1. Mr Feldman,

    Are you looking to eat on the way our, or on the way back? Also, what times will you be starting your trip out and back? Columbia is no more than 90 minutes from the GWB. Your best options are between Hackensack to Parsippany, or idea of the kids ages will be helpful and whether you lean towards the diner, pizzeria or family dining Italian or American fare. Also, do you have GPS in your car?

    I'll check back after 9:00 PM and I'll give you some ideas later. Until then, here are some ideas around Parsippany

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      Thanks for your generosity. Given my druthers, i'd prefer to do something in the western part, because i so rarely get there. It will be lunch with one other adult and 2 11-year-old girls. i'm on my way to look at the threads you posted.

      Diner or Italian or even pizza would be better than a just-hot dog place.

      One place i thought of is Roland's in Netcong.


      1. re: Dave Feldman


        Sorry to say I am not really too familiar with anything past exit 27 Lake Hopatcong.....but here are a fewyou may consider. All are very popular in the area and favorites. Although Minado is a buffet, the quality is surprisingly very good. The Columbia Inn in Booton/Parsippany is also good for pizza and it's a fairly cozy place:

        The corridor on Interstate Route 80 from Exits 34 through 27 brings you to many places accessible on NJ State Highway 46. Coming East @ Exit 27, it brings you to the Ledgewood Circle, where it meets with Route 46 and Route 10. This is a short detour off Route 80. On both 10 and 46, you will find any number of places to meet your preferences. Route 10 eventually meets up with Interstate 287, which is only a couple of exits to get back onto Route 80.

        Good Luck.

        BTW...never heard of Roland's and cannot help you there.

        1. re: fourunder

          Again, I really appreciate your help. We ended up at Ron's Landmark in Netcong, right near the train station. It was horrible, actually -- classic Italian-American menu with poor execution. Pasta dishes came saturated in bland sauces, fried calamari under seasoned, bruschetta toppingsclearly pre-made and very, very cold, etc.

          1. re: Dave Feldman

            Oof, I wish I had seen your posts earlier... Ron's is no good. Josephs, just up the road on 46, is a better italian sitdown tavern type place. Carmine's, on main st in Netcong, is a respectable pizzeria.

            1. re: dan

              Thanks, Dan. We passed Carmines -- oh well. How is Barone's/Lockwood Tavern? One of the reasons we stopped in Netcong is that I wanted to visit the Wild West Village site, even though i know it is closed until May -- just nostalgia from the Uncle Floyd days. Barone's is right at the turnoff for Wild West.

              1. re: Dave Feldman

                Thanks for the morning laugh/memory = uncle floyd/Wild West Village....

                1. re: Dave Feldman

                  Yeah, as a kid Lockwood was the standard post-cowboy destination. I just went there a week or two ago. It has a great atmosphere, but the pizza wasn't as good as I remembered it. Certainly a fun place for a pitcher and a pie. Can't remember the last time I went to Barrone's..

                  Closer to rt80, the Black Forest Inn, for slightly fancier german fare, is great. They also have a bar which tends to be more casual. This is the restaurant where I drank my first truly great beer.

                  The interesting new place in the area is Salt, just north of the Shoprite on 206S, where Old 76'ers used to be. They are modeling themselves after the spotted pig.. I haven't eaten a full meal yet, but I have stopped in for a beer and some snacks. They have a BOGO Happy Hour deal on bar snacks and $2 McSorley's all the time. So far all I've eaten there are a plate of olives, a side of fries and a mac&cheese app. All hit the spot, good enough to get me to try the rest of the interesting menu..

                  However, as a jrz 'gastro-pub' they really need to get Cricket Hill beer, preferably draught, at least in bottles. Definitely an oversight.

                  Salt Gastro Pub
                  109 US Highway 206, Andover, NJ 07821

                  Black Forest Inn
                  249 US Highway 206, Stanhope, NJ

                  1. re: dan

                    Thanks, Dan. Like Michele, Wild West Village is full of nostalgia for me even though I've never been there! I'm going to "favorite" this topic and hope to visit one of these places in the near future. Thanks for the ideas.


      2. anyone ever try the new orleans steak house on rt 15 about two miles north of 80? someone told me it was pretty good cajun style food, very reasonable.

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        1. re: Welcoboy

          Near to there is a place I really enjoyed last weekend. It's a lakeside restaurant with outstanding food. Alice;s restaurant -

          24 Nolans Point Park Rd, Lake Hopatcong, NJ

          1. re: terrytibbs

            Under the radar in this area is an absolutely outstanding restaurant, Antelao, in Delaware Water Gap, Pa. (Just across the river, about 1 mile from I-80). This is a place where the husband cooks and the wife waits tables, it is a charming Victorian house decked out in antiques, and the food is absolutely wonderful as well. At today's price points, this place is a bargain as well. Reservations essential.


        2. Minutes away from the 80/287 intersection is Resevoir Tavern. They're known for some of the best pizza in NJ.