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Mar 21, 2009 02:10 PM

Gordon Ramsays restaurants in London - need help!


Really quick question about the Gordon Ramsay restaurants in London. I want to get my parents a gift certificate for a nice supper while they are visiting London this spring. I went to Ramsays website and there are 10-11 different restaurants. Is there one that is stand out over the others? I know location will be a factor, but they have not booked their hotel yet. Any rec's would be really appreciated. As well, for a nice dinner out (apps, main, dessert) with a bottle of wine, what would one be looking at spending for a gift card?

Many Thanks

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  1. I'm a fan of Maze - Ramsay organization but well-known chef, Jason Atherton, at the helm. It has a 'different' way of doing a meal, as you can read on their website and visitors to London from other places seem to enjoy that. There is also Maze Grill next door if that is something your parents might better enjoy - all the menus are on the web. The parents shouldn't worry about location... London is very easy to get around.

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      I'd go for Maze as well. Not sure how much you would want to spend on the gift card though as that could be dependent on wine etc. I would say £150 should get them a pretty good supper.

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        the best most representative is restaurant gordon ramsay, on royal hospital road. there is no contest. this doesn't mean it would be my choice, but maze is not really a ramsay experience in any way you might anticipate. though it is pretty good, he has very little to do with it.

        Ramsay proper: £300
        Claridges £200
        Maze £150

    2. Hiya,

      Claridge's is without a doubt his flagship restaurant. It's also probably the better one for your parents as it's less modern as his other restaurants. That said I don't know what your parents like??

      It can be pricy for Dinner but if you want to make it a fair amount cheaper, look at going for Lunch. Both menus are great.

      To give you an idea, the set lunch last time I went was £30.00 for 3 courses.

      In the evening al-acarte & the prestige menu are around £70 - £100.

      I've not looked, but I'd imagine all of the prices and menus are on-line anyway. Probably worth another look!

      Enjoy it if you go!

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        "Claridge's is without a doubt his flagship restaurant" - I don't think so, the GR flagship restaurant is "Gordon Ramsay at RHR".

        That said Claridge's is a great venue, a grand old hotel dining room, good service and traditional GR food (unlike Murano or Maze). As thesquire says lunch is the bargain, but watch out for the extras like coffee at £5 a cup.

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          where did you get the idea that claridges is his flagship restaurant?

        2. Address links:

          Gordon Ramsay
          Royal Hospital Rd, Kensington, Greater London SW3 4, GB

          13 Grosvenor Pl, London, Greater London SW1W 0, GB

          Gordon Ramsay At Claridge's
          49 Upper Brook St, London, Greater London W1K 2, GB