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Mar 21, 2009 01:57 PM

Skyline,Marina Bay, Quincy

Trying to set up a brunch with No. Shore and So. Shore family, one of whom has difficulty walking. Anyone been to Skyline Sunday Brunch. Is it worth it? Is it all breakfast food? Any comments, good, bad or indifferent. These folks want a buffet type brunch. Boston is out, therein lies my problem.

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  1. I've never been to skyline for the brunch but have eaten there several times just because it was convenient while being at Marina Bay. It's hit or miss and it takes forever for the food to come out when ordering from a menu. As the weather gets better, and the boaters start coming around, it can be jammed and an awful long wait. If you do decide to go, call and see if they'll make a reservation. They never use to, but if it's for a large group, they might.

    1. You may be happier with Fishbones at Marina Bay, not sure if they have a buffet or not.

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        I don't think that they have a buffet, but breakfast food is decent. It is nice for an early morning breakfast on Sunday during the summer because you can sit dockside.

      2. Touch call... Skyline food is, at best, mediocre and their service is generally terrible. Siros may have better service but their food is still average and the price tag would be much higher. Lots of folks love Fishbone's and if you are just eating fried food, it is ok.

        All three places are slight variations on the same thing: mid-range suburban restaurants with an emphasis on volume not quality or experience.

        1. There's a "Southern" buffet brunch Sundays at Firefly's in Quincy for $15.99. I've never been. but I know people that have been a few times and enjoy it. There's the usual BBQ fare, fried chicken and lots of the usual sides as well as breakfast stuff. I'm not sure if there's a carving station. You might want to call. It's where the Hollow use to be on Adams St about a mile from East Milton Sq and 93.

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            I'd avoid Firefly's. They started out good, but went downhill fast. Service is ok, but there's better BBQ to be had else where.

          2. Any info on The Tavern at Quarry Hills in Quincy? I read they are doing an Easter brunch but I'm not sure if they do a regular Sunday brunch. I've never been and I hear conflicting reports on the food. Being a golf course lowers my expectations......but you never know.

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              I've been to a number of work luncheons over the last few months and the food is decent, although I think it's really strange that they serve a fried haddock sandwich on marble rye. Service is another story, at least when dining with a group. While staff may be pleasant, the service is disorganized and unprofessional. It may be a different story when it's not a function, but I was put off enough to not bother going back to try. I checked their website and didn't see a menu for brunch, just lunch and dinner.

              1. re: Pegmeister

                I figured it's not my kind of place, just curious more than anything. The view must be good but golf club dining always makes me suspicious. They have an Easter Brunch menu online but I guess that's just an Easter only offering. Fried haddock on marble rye?

                1. re: T.Clark

                  Beautiful views, especially at sunset. Go for a drink in the lounge, try the apps and see what you think. Skip the haddock on marble rye.