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Mar 21, 2009 01:03 PM

Picky Eaters

DC foodie here - married to extremely picky eater who sticks to steak and baked potatoes, with a 16 year old daughter who likes plain pasta and grilled chicken. I like to try new things. We'll be in New Orleans for one night. Are there any restaurants that can please all three of us?

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  1. Questions:
    When will you be here, where will you be staying, will you have a car, and is taking a taxi out of the question?

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    1. re: Isabella

      We will be there the first week in April, staying at Marriot on St. Charles, no car, and we can take a taxi.

    2. you'd be surprised how many places have the steak and chicken thing on menus that will also allow you to try new things:
      Clancy's, Vizard's, Galatoire's, Mr. B's, Irene's, Muriel's
      for steakhouses w/local variety: Dickie Brennan's, Ruth's Chris

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        1. re: edible complex

          Thanks, I'll check those out. My husband LOVES Ruth's Chris here, but I didn't realize they had local food on the menu as well.

          1. re: Linda513

            If you've got a Ruth's where you live, I beg you not to go to the one here. And I can't be certain, but I doubt the menu is any different here than it is there. Even though Ruth's started here, I don't consider it local anymore.

          2. re: edible complex

            I'd add Delmonico, just up the street from the Marriott (about 11 blocks, but there is a streetcar line between the two). I think that one could get all that you require. If you make reservations, talk about your daughter's choices, to make sure that similar is on the menu that night.



          3. Herbsaint. The gnocchi is excellent. Lightly "sauced" with olive oil, lemon, parm. and a bit of diced tomato. Never had their grilled chicken.The ribeye is very good. It comes sliced rather than a whole steak. Short rib app. is excellent. My fav. entree is the pork belly. Duck confit is good as well.

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