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Mar 21, 2009 12:28 PM

Metro Detroit / Bloomfield - BEST INDIAN BUFFET!

After decades of culinary betrayal we haved finally hit the mother lode in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan - how did this happen?! The restaurant is Akshay Indian Cuisine ( ) They opened in what was originally a Big Boy restaurant, and the 2 large buffet tables have found redemption for all their past misdeeds. The chef is the best we have encountered (Dear Husband is originally from India, and is also difficult to please.) One buffet is Vegetarian, and the other Buffet is Non-Vegetarian (strict vegetarians can choose just the vegetarian buffet, the rest of us can select from both buffets, I think its only $1-2 difference for both.) The buffet is only at lunch, but it is there every day except Monday. The best feature is that this buffet offers some dishes not traditionally found at Indian Restaurants, especially here in the states. A lot of these dishes are Indian home cooking. The chef also is well trained, and from a heritage of chefs (father - grandfather). His culinary repertiore Includes all regions of North/South/East and West India, each with its own distinct uses of flavor and spices. We are there every weekend for the buffet ($20.03 total for 2 of us) and the Masala Chai and 2-3 dessert selections are included in the buffet. The spices are used well, not just abundantly, and each dish is accurately marked as to it's level (Mild-Med-Hot). The dishes are also NOT swimming in ghee like at some other restaurants. The variety of food amazes me. We go so often, I keep waiting for it to get repetative and redundant, but there is always something new to try. I can't say enough about the elation this restaurant opening has brought to us. If the chef ever leaves for greener pastures, we may very well follow. Absolutely fantastic if you are seeking REAL Indian food, not the Americanized versions. Bravo!

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  1. I couldn't open the website, but is this the place on Opdyke that just opened? I've been wondering about it and getting coupons in the mail. Might have to try it and take my good friend who only eats Indian from her mom's kitchen, she might enjoy it.

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      Strip the slash and the period off of the end of the URL and you will be all set.

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        I took of the slash, so the link works now. Yes, it is the place on Opdyke at South Blvd in the strip mall there. It was a Big Boy, then it was Cedarland (Middle Eastern) for a couple years, now it is Akshay. When we first went, the crowd was almost entirely Indian (Always a good sign for an Indian Restaurant in my opinion), but each week the clientele is more diverse as word must be getting around to the non-Indian community. I hope you enjoy it!

      2. Foodiefamily--have you been to Rangoli? If so, how do they compare?

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          I haven't been to Rangoli in about 18 months, I suppose. We went a few times after it first opened. Sometimes the food was really good, and sometimes it was just awful. Since we couldn't really figure out the pattern as to when the food would be good or when it would be bad, we finally stopped going. Since I haven't been there recently, I don't know how it is these days. As for Akshay, we have only been to the lunch buffets. There is no buffet at dinner, just order off the menu, and I don't know if the dinner chef is the same as the lunch chef or not, so I can only attest to the lunch buffet.

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            Thanks for the great info. Rangoli is my go to Indian restaurant, but it would be nice to have another good place to rotate with. I like how Rangoli puts their menu on their website every day for the buffet so I can decide whether to go or not based on the dishes.

        2. I've had pretty good food here- near the freeway & Orchard Lake:

          they have a email list - if you sign up they notify you of special buffets & dinners from different regions.

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            I second this rec. Best place I've found within striking distance for lunch near my office (12/Drake). The $5.95 lunch coupon in the emails is an added bonus.

          2. I went to Akshay today for lunch - Excellent buffet. Thank you for mentioning this gem.

            1. Bad News - The restaurant has closed. We gave the chef our contact information, if he relocates somewhere else I will pass the news to my fellow chowhounds.

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                Great News! Chef Rajesh and his father, Chef Pannit Ji, have both moved to Ypsilanti and are at the restaurant "Temptations" - will attach link below. Temptations was previously an Indian restaurant with a reputation for decent food and horrible service. Under the new management and with the addition of the new chefs, I expect that reputation will quickly change. Went to the buffet today and was not disappointed. I expect to give a more detailed review under the Ypsilanti boards, but promised an update here first.


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                  The Temptations site doesn't mention them by name. Do you still recommend the restaurant? Or do you have a new place to recommend? We will be visiting MI next week from San Francisco. Our base will be Ann Arbor and Birmingham, but we 're happy to travel for good food! Over here we usually drive 45 minutes to Mountain View and Santa Clara for Indian food, aside from Tamil Nadu cuisine, which is better in SF!