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Mar 21, 2009 12:26 PM

Jazz Lincoln Center pre-show eats?

Any suggetions for low cost eats near Lincoln Center? Thanks

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  1. for legitimately low-cost? stick to ninth ave. whym isn't bad, i actually have a soft spot for ralph's (old school italian) at 56th.sushi a go go on bway is not bad, beyond that, it can get pricy

    1. This is hard area for cheap eats, but I second the rec for Ralphs which can hit the spot in that old school way. Also Wondee Siam a little further down 9th is quite good. I wouldn't call Whym cheap eats really, and the one meal I had there was close to inedible. You can also get prepared foods and/or salad bar at the Whole Foods in the Time Warner Center

      1. How low are we talking? I think Kashkaval could work.

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        1. I was just at Lincoln Center for a show and went to P.J. Clarks beforehand for dinner. Right accross from the venue and you can get anything there you want.

          1. If the show is in one of JLC's Time-Warner venues, rather than the Lincoln Center campus, you might consider grabbing a bite at Bouchon Bakery or in Whole Foods.

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              The line at whole foods in the early evening is awful, last time I waited 45 minutes, and couldn't even call my husband ( who was saving a table), because my hands ere full. Bouchon Bakery is a much better choice.Save room for dessert!