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Mar 21, 2009 12:16 PM

ISO Coconut Cake Recipe

In about 1996 I made a coconut cake from a recipe in a cooking magazine. I thought it was Gourmet, but a search of their site as well as did not turn up the recipe I'm looking for. Here's the thing that was slightly unusual about the recipe: the cake itself had toasted coconut folded into it before it was baked, and the caked was filled with a lime curd. I've found quite a few recipes with lime curd filling, but none with the toasted coconut added to the batter. I thought I had found it when I saw a 1995 Saveur with a coconut cake recipe, but that seems to be more of the usual coconut cake. Does this ring a bell with anyone? I'm trying to make it for a party tomorow...

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  1. That sounds absolutely divine. Please post the recipe if you find it.
    It would be a big hit in my crowd.

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      I still have not found the recipe, but since this was to be one of four cakes that I was making yesterday for a friend's celebration that is happening today, I had to improvise. I took a classic coconut cake recipe (the one I used came from a book I have called Southern Cakes) and added toasted coconut. I put about 1 cup of coconut on a baking sheet and put it into a 350 degree oven. You have to watch it really carefully because it can burn really quickly due to all the sugar in it. I let it toast, opening the oven and moving it arround frequently, and then I removed it to a plate to cool. When I made the batter for the cake, I stirred in the cooled coconut and baked as usual. I have not tried the cake yet, but it looked like it baked perfectly, so I'm hoping it will be as delicious as I remember the other being. I'm still looking for that recipe, though!

    2. This one says at the bottom of the recipe that it's from Gourmet, 1989. The filling seems to be more of a lime pudding than a lime curd, but it sounds great. Good luck in your search!

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        Thanks, bear, that's close but it's not the one! The one I had was definitely from a magazine published in the 1990s. And, as you noted, the filling is different than lime curd.

      2. Too late now, but any chance this might be it? Seems to have all the elements you’re looking for. Scroll down to the second recipe, “Mccalls Cooking Sch recipe.”

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          Thanks, JoanN, but it was definitely from a cooking magazine. I have never subscribed to McCalls, so I don't think that this is the one.