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Mar 21, 2009 11:30 AM

noca or Heirloom?

Visiting foodies going out on a Monday night to celebrate a birthday. Which would you pick - noca or Heirloom?

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    1. Noca's excellent; no experience with Heirloom.

      The two restaurants are over 20 miles apart, so I'd start with geography. Is one much closer to you than the other?

      1. geography is important, no doubt. but lets be honest... could heirloom (or most places) REALLY compete with noca? i've got 20miles out of the way for it.

        1. I've eaten at both (Noca many times, Heirloom once). I would select Noca without question. We enjoyed Heirloom and will return, but Noca is better. That said, if you're near DC Ranch, Heirloom is certainly worth a visit.


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          1. re: barry

            Heirloom seems to be in an old flo's location. I just noticed it the other day when we in Dc Ranch for pizza at Grimaldi's with our boys. Interested as to how you rate it because we live not that far from the area.

            1. re: Mattoclock

              Barry reported on Heirloom earlier (link below). Sounds good! Our first visit is this weekend - we have reservations with two other couples for Friday....

              Heirloom - Scottsdale, DC Ranch Marketplace