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Mar 21, 2009 11:29 AM

Italian in Delaware

Found Luigi Vitrones Pastabilities as a great Italian in Wilmington. Marcos in Bear, looking for other great Italian Dinners, beyond the norm. Any Ideas?

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    1. In the Rehoboth area we have a few new Italian restaurants. Lupo Di Mare is quite beautiful and is located on Rehoboth Avenue. Villa Sorrento and M. Gallucio's are both new family-run Italian restaurants and are both located in Lewes.
      My family has always enjoyed Adriatico though, and of course Casa Dileo.
      We always order pizza from either Villa Sorrento or Casa Dileo these days.

      1. Toscana in Wilmington is very good. The new Capers and Lemons in WIlmington is also very good, just crowded right now. Give it another week. I like them both.

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          Toscana used to be my go-to spot in Wilmington, but my last visit there was really a disappointment. They changed the menu around a litlle, mostly for the worse, and a lot of the new items were pricey and mediocre at best.

        2. Dooner, where is Marcos in Bear? Do they have a website? Couldn't find in Google...

          1. You can't beat Attilio's in Wilmington...1900 Lancaster. Homemade pasta. Treat yourself to an order of fried peppers - they're like candy!