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Mar 21, 2009 10:08 AM

First NO trip

Very Excited to be going to NOLA next month. We will be in town for three dinners and have planned as follows, Emerils, KPauls, Brightsens. Is there any reason to change one of these three? We have planned lunch on Saturday at Commanders ,and would like to pick up Domolisses and New Orleans School of Cooking ot balance out the week. What are your suggestions on entrees? We booked the "Food Bar" at Emerils hear the show is great.

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  1. Favorite place in world. Just spent 7 months there on an assignment. You will love it.

    Emerils: I assume you are talking his signature restaurant? Filet mignon with demi glace and fingerling potatoes. I literally wanted to lick the plate. If you mean another (my fav is his restaurant Nola) try the Texas Redfish encrusted in garlic with bacon butter sauce. Unbelievable. Bring no calorie or cholesterol charts. He is a master at taste. BTW - don't go on Th, Fr or Sat. It's crowded and you don't get the wonderful service. Nola's on a week night at the bar watching the kitchen is fun. try his wine by the glass. the cab -- Science Project.

    Brightsens - Out on the riverbend in a shotgun house. Sorry did not love it. But it gets rave reviews. Maybe 30 min cab from Quarter. Actually, I love the restaurant across the street from it - Dante's Kitchen. Where chefs go. The trio of filet mignon, each with a different sauce is indescribably delicious. He loves local ingredients and there is a big chart with where in LA each ingredient was grown/raised. Another creative place is Dick and Jenny's on Tchopotoulis. Loved it. Never been to KPauls - but will get there someday.

    Of course. Commanders. Maybe the best restaurant I have ever been to. try the tasso shrimp appetizer. My brother had it and actually ordered it three times during dinner it was so great.

    I love fried oysters and shrimp. I probably tried it in at least a dozen places while I was there. By far the very best (where we actually met J C Reilly who was filming a movie) was the French Market Restaurant on Decatur. For $19.99 you get a huge plate of the most succulent fried oysters and shrimp you will ever put in your mouth. Looks touristy - but the food is great. If it's crawfish season get some there too.

    stay away from: Acme Oyster.

    Oh, another great one, in the Qrtr. Small, quaint, very romantic, non-touristy - Louisiana Bistro on 339 Dauphine. OMG (here I go again with the filet) - they had filet mignon with a wine butter crawfish sauce - need I say more.

    1. We live about an hour away from there, and the top two on our list to go to is Stella! and August. Go to and put in New Orleans and see for yourself - yum!
      We ate at Brightsens a year or so ago and weren't impressed. LOVE Nola, want to try Delmonico. You're going at a lovely time of year - enjoy! And don't miss beignets and coffee at Cafe du Monde,and enjoy Decatur St. while you're there - they have some neat street shows nearby the cafe there. Talk a walk thu' the Farmer's Market, too. Do you have time for the zoo, Audobon Park, and the aquarium? I adore NOLA. Have a great trip!

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        agree with all except Stella!. I know, everyone raves. But we disagreed completely. Food was just ok. But the worst part, to us, was the atmosphere. It was so serious. I am sure everyone has been in a place like this - where eveyone is just whispering and you are afraid to talk? It was totally quiet and uncomfortable. I think the wait staff sets the tone. like if any of them dropped something they would be fired on the spot. Perfect antithesis to most of the vibrant, fun places to eat in Nola. It was like eating at a funeral, to us.

      2. I think your picks are fine. Just avoid the roast beef at Domilise's and you'll be okay.

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          I agree with not getting the RB at Domilise's, possibly the worst RB poboy I have ever had. Venture to either Parkway as Scarlett suggested or R&O's out in bucktown.

        2. You may want to try Parkway Tavern and Bakery at Hagan and Toulouse instead of Domilises. In regards to the dinners, I would consider dining in the courtyard at Bayona for dinner, although all of your picks are great. They have several chefs specials at any time and you cannot go wrong! Enjoy your time in Nola!

          1. One thing I forgot-if you are going to do a low-key breakfast or brunch, Petunias in the Quarter has awesome crepes and light lunch fare. Very good, but expect a wait during peak times.

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              The last two times my wife and I have been to New Orleans, we've stopped in at Petunias for breakfast and loved it. Great food and the portions are big. Make sure to have the fresh squeezed OJ to start.